Boca do Lobo prides itself in being a well-established name in the world of interior design, and for that reason, many top interior designers and other high profile entities come to them in search of a luxury design style. For that, we decided to celebrate 15 of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic design projects, over the last 15 years, in the hopes of bringing you some opulent design inspirations.

A Flaming Design Project | Tatyana Myronova

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Tatyana Myronova, the designer of this eccentric and enchanting design project, is famous for her exquisite luxury interiors in the American Neoclassical style. The design of this apartment is not experimental rather it is a reflection of the outstanding personality of the apartment’s owner – Giya Eradze, Director of the Royal Circus, Russia.

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A Stylish Russian Apartment With Contemporary Touch | Ekaterina Lashmanova

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The interiors of Ekaterina Lashmanova are thought through to the smallest details, whether they are door handles or sofa cushions. In all the rooms, from a large living room with a small dressing room, exist a special harmony: only the mood can change from room to room, but the overall atmosphere is always the same.

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Altamount Residence | Hirsch Bedner Associates

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Hirsch Bedner Associates builds the signature looks of today’s luxury brands, independent contemporary boutique hotels, spas, restaurants, urban resorts and more. All around the world, each HBA interior results in a unique and sensitive response to location, architecture and client vision. Lodha’s Altamount luxury residences by Hirsch Bedner Associates draw design inspiration from the multilayered urbanity and culture of Mumbai.

Discover how a small palette of materials is implemented throughout the space in varying finished and sizes to add richness.

Australian House | Greg Natale

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Pattern, layers and bold colours are just some of the design tools Greg Natale uses in his extraordinary interiors. Modern yet classic, opulent yet sophisticated this exquisite top interior designer has championed a uniquely Australian aesthetic and, yes, the adjective ‘sexy’ does come to mind.

One of these modern interior design projects created by Greg Natale is this Geometric Splendid Residence in Sydney, Australia.

Bulgari Hotel Beijin

The Bulgari Hotel Beijing adds a new jewel to The Bulgari Hotels & Resorts luxury hospitality collection. Referred to as an “urban resort”, the property is located in the heart of China’s capital city. Blending art with nature, the Hotel is situated adjacent to the Genesis Art Foundation and surrounded by lush, sculpted gardens.

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Casa Décor Madrid | Pepe Leal

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For Pepe Leal, interior design is a way to solve a space and the way to solve it is what distinguishes different decorators. He considers himself more an artist than an interior designer since the facet that interests him most of his profession is to move volumes and objects creating sensations.

Discover how Boca Do Lobo is featured in this project – Lusitano Corner At Casa Décor Madrid.

Classic Meets Traditional Residence | Rafael de Cárdenas

Located in the city of Design, London, Rafael De Cárdenas elevated the contemporary design to the next level with Glebe Place Residence, by mixing novel styles, gathering together such dissimilar traditional Portuguese pieces and modern design. Still, the distinguished and top interior designer guarantees the most harmonious environments with this ambitious interior project design.

Glebe Place Residence by Rafael De Cárdenas is way more than a platform of design, it has its own personality keeping most of the original details intact.

Colourful Award-Winning | Design Intervention

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Design Intervention utilizes the transformative power of design to improve the lives and well-being of their clients. Putting together exquisite home designs requires extensive knowledge of the right brands to use in each setting. And being that the recurring theme for Design Intervention is above all exclusive and contemporary design, there is no better choice than Boca do Lobo‘s furniture designs.

Explore several design projects by Design Intervention that have more than their extraordinary nature in common: they also feature Boca do Lobo‘s pieces.



Contemporary House in Aspen | Sara Story Design

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With contemporary interior design by Sara Story, this modern residence, the Aspen house, with Greystone floors, Venetian plaster walls and blackened steel throughout generates the perfect setting to appreciate the remarkable mountain views. The astonishing art collection mixed with vintage and modern furniture creates playful yet striking interiors.

Discover this modern interior design project: An Artistic Eponymous Residence in Aspen.

Harmonious Residence in London | Laith Abdel Hadi

Created by Laith Abdel Hadi, a top interior designer based between Dubai, London, and Saudi Arabia and known for his unpredictable contemporary interior design projects: this Contemporary Residence in London enhances perfectly the balance between bright colours, strong contrasts and the elegance of some the most wanted pieces with an exclusive design by Boca do Lobo.

Discover this harmonious space full of exclusivity that Laith Abdel Hadi sketched from the very beginning.

Luxury Apartment in Mumbai | ZZ Architects

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ZZ Architects has recently revealed the contemporary design of a luxury apartment that follows a maximalist design concept. Leading by the architecture and interior design studio’s founding partners, Zubin Zainuddin and Krupa Zud, this interior design project is about a unique property that is located in Mumbai.

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Luxury East House | Brendan Wong Design

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Interior designer Brendan Wong has more than 20 years of experience in the art of creating stunning designs and luxury interiors. As summer is getting closer, we have the perfect project by this top interior designer to inspire you. We’re talking about the Luxury East House by Brendan Wong Design– a summer design inspiration where neutral colours thrive and the green emerald details give life to the entire ambience.

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Palais FG Palace | Denis Kosutic

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This special interior design project reflects the essence of Denis Košutić’s work, that can be seen as an anti-traditional perception of the role of architecture in the modern world. For this interior designer and architect, architecture is a subject of consumptions, instead of a monument for eternity. According to this, Denis redesigned a baroque Austrian Palace, giving it a modern approach. Boca do Lobo was part of the project, providing this interior designer, luxury furniture and sculptural pieces that served as an independent and strong character in the theatre play.

Read on and discover this incredible palace!

Reflective White and Gold Trendsetting House | Vratika & Nakul

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This interior design project is an incredible fusion of luxury and stylish! A white and gold home design that utterly levels up any sense of high-level of its owner.

Unravelling all the details up until the smallest, Boca do Lobo Blog is about to show it all to you!

Sustainability Meets Luxury | NA Architects

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In the sprawling sights of Jubilee Hills, India lies the NR House, a private residence evolved from the creative minds of architectural firm NA Architects. An organic palette, semi-precious and natural stone accents, sprawling water features and design embedded concrete ceilings are the highlight features of this luxury and sustainable residence. Sporting some of the world’s most opulent design brands, such as Roberto CavalliTrussardi, Giorgetti and of course Boca do Lobo, the architectural firm perfectly showcases their vision of never compromising interior design.

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