modern dining room in neutral tones and gold details in every piece

A Modern Dining Room is a perfect room to gather around the diner table all your friends and family, to celebrate the conquests, filled with laughter, love, and joy. Now more than ever it’s important to gather your loved ones, after all, there’s no need to be a festive season to be with the ones you love!

Home Decor Ideas has selected the most special dining rooms for you to feel inspired and redecorate your dining room! You’ll find modern dining rooms with earthy tones, luxury furniture, and incredible lighting designs. These neutral and modern dining rooms have a fantastic curated sense throughout.

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Modern Dining Rooms

Pearly whites to different hues of browns, beiges, and nudes, transmit tranquillity and serenity in dining rooms.

modern dining room in open space with the kitchen
Modern Dining Room

A modern dining room in an open space with the kitchen.

Neutral tones with natural wood and walnut, marble finishes create a unique and cozy dining room.

modern dining room in neutral tones, natural wood and walnut, marble finishes
Modern Dining Room

Warm tones brighten even more the modern dining room and make the space look even bigger.

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modern dining room in neutral tones and gold details
Modern Dining Room

In this modern dining room, in neutral tones, the Hera Suspension Lamp and the Lapiaz Cabinet are the special pieces that make the total look.


Handcrafted from cast brass, this chandelier has an organic shape and intricate contemporary details to create an adjustable arrangement in a harmonious ensemble.

The hammered gold details and mirrored facade convey dynamics and elegance, a beautiful duality between power and refinement to bring a new contemporary vivacity to interior design.

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Metamorphosis Center Table Boca do Lobo

modern dining room with warm, neutral tones, and the marble and gold details
Modern Dining Room

In this modern dining room by LUXXU with warm, neutral tones and the marble and gold details are the stars!

modern dining room with warm, neutral tones, and the marble and gold details
Modern Dining Room

With gold details in almost all the pieces and wood details in the chairs, LUXXU presents once again that the mix with neutral tones, marble, and gold details are trendy like you can see in this modern dining room!

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A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard

modern dining room with golden accents
Modern Dining Room

A contemporary dining room, where golden accents take the center stage and make this room so pleasant and perfect to enjoy a tasteful dinner with family and friends! As you can see, once again, this modern dining room has the Hera Suspension Lamp that creates a different glow in the room, and also the incredible Nº11 Cream Chair with gold details.


Combining an avant-garde approach with classic and iconic lines, Nº11 features remarkable craftsmanship and incorporates the richest locksmithing techniques from which skilled artisans have built their reputation over the years.

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Mirrors Boca do Lobo

modern dining room in neutral tones
Modern Dining Room

The Palatino Slim Display Case and  Halo Mirror create a unique setting in the dining room, that is both irreverent and glamorous.


A reinterpretation of 17th-century French Style glass display cases of countryside Chateaux, the Palatino Slim Display Cabinet is an elegant storage piece.

The 3 big mirrors with different shapes have an elegant gold frame accent, perfect for modern dining rooms.

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