Boca do Lobo defies the definition of perfection with the Imperfectio Sofa, where its singular product design makes it the perfect piece in your living room. If you would search in dictionaries the definition of “perfection”, it is nothing more than a concept. Ironically, nowadays everyone runs to achieve that, the abstract concept of perfection.

The Story Behind the Product Design of The Imperfectio Sofa

However Boca do Lobo is not just about decoration and believes that what makes perfection what it is, it’s exactly the opposite, imperfection and that translates into their interior design and the outstanding product design.

The Story Behind the Product Design of The Imperfectio Sofa

Boca do Lobo’s products are made with the ideal of singularity meaning that even if the shape of the piece is not perfect, it will be perfect for you and your home interior.

The Imperfectio Sofa is a unique piece, singular, born from the perfect imperfection of Boca do Lobo’s craftsmen and must be part of your decoration ideas. Its elegant aesthetic, an echo of authenticity, recalling us or the genuine things of life leaves us with nothing but a feeling of richness perfect for your home decor.

The Story Behind the Product Design of The Imperfectio Sofa

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Imperfectio Sofa is based on the traditional portuguese hammers with its golden base made from hammered brass. It is an embodiment of luxury and lust with a brilliant attention to details made to be the highlight of your home interior and not simply part of the decoration.


product design

It is a tribute to the artisanal work, where the piece is born just like a sculpture being crafted for a long time until it is no longer just a decoration but a magnificent form of art with all its shapes and forms telling us a story about passion for interior design.

To complete your living room here are some home decor ideas:

The Imperfectio Armchair has the same product design making the perfect combination with Imperfectio Sofa.

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