Let’s talk about Curved Furniture. Curves have a unique way of softening a room. It is growing increasingly popular due to its manner of giving the eye a natural place to restFurniture that feels good is considerably important and curved interiors are proven to give a welcomingcalming, and relaxing feel due to their softness and rounded organic appearanceIt’s time to appreciate a selection of Boca do Lobo‘s curved pieces!

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This trend for natural curves is related to biophilic design, where organic curved edges are reflected from the natural worldBorrowing elements from the outdoors gives this trend a natural way to incorporate organic texture in furniture made from materials such as woodstone, and natural fibres.

Synonymous with naturecurved lines have the ability to create a flow in your home instantly elevating spaces with their organic silhouettes. A simple yet stylish addition to your dining room, a curved dining table creates an instant centre point for the room and is surprisingly versatile. An easy way to add the natural design trend, considering the Fortuna Dining Table which is made of a polished metal finish and creates a sleeker look.

What is the reason behind this trendCurves are playful and fun. They also reflect our desire for a softcosy and happy home. In the last century, we already saw curvy shapes becoming on-trend again in some decades – in the 20s with the Art Deco, then the funky and chunky design of the 70s. It’s important to create comforting corners inside your houseCurved furniture is ideal for spaces designed for relaxation.

Select a center table or a side table like Eden Side Table to set up a cosy ambience inside your bedroomcloset or even your living room. Plants, wall art, and mirrors can also give your personality to the space.

Curved sofas are just one of the many examples of using soft curves to create a relaxing environment. A calming home benefits mental and physical health. Did you know that our brains are drawn to circular forms and curved lines are associated with safety and calm?

The incremented push to include nature in a part of our daily lives allows for the organic look of curved lines and soft edges. This way, you invite the impact of the creation of the naturalwelcomingfamiliar flow that is found in the environment despite the more rigid feel that can sometimes be found in other geometric spaces.

Monochrome Sideboard definitely sets the mood for a home that’s filled with other statement decor pieces. Also, for colour lovers, this one is for you!