Iconic furniture brand Boca do Lobo, is celebrating its 15th anniversary! And in honour of such a special date, they’re once again breaking the rules of traditional design by bringing you an exclusive virtual experience. But why stop there? That’s why the design brand is also releasing new product designs, starting with this luxurious sideboard.

Wanting to express the absoluteness of craftsmanship and the passion to create art, Boca do Lobo envisioned a piece of furniture with powerful expression through traditional craftsmanship. This Boca do Lobo masterpiece proves that the outcome of architectural and design thinking can be impressive.

It all began with the study and exploration of historical art pieces. Following Boca do Lobo’s soul and essence, our passionate team of designers wanted to keep paying tribute to tradition by creating an authentic design concept, inspired by the Versailles expression. It is no secret that the brand loves to invent and recreate pieces of art into design pieces.

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Boca do Lobo’s Newest Architectural Masterpiece (2)This luxurious sideboard is made in a wood structure and panels in a manual beautiful sculpture, produced in resin and finished with restoration techniques similar to stone.

Boca do Lobo’s Newest Architectural Masterpiece (3)

The sideboard is more than an exclusive piece: it reunites centuries of history and culture into a unique design inspired by the French Court’s greatness and pomp; inspired by 17th century architectural and cultural landmarks. It was created to enrich any living space.

A demonstration of both imagination and strong craftsmanship skills, the surprising and challenging furniture design is a statement piece that combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship in the most marvellous and luxurious way.

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