In recent years, maximalism has emerged as a dynamic trend in Los Angeles interiors design, revolutionizing the way we view and decorate our living spaces. This daring approach celebrates opulence, eclecticism, and an unapologetic abundance of elements, creating areas that are rich with character and personality. Maximalism is about breaking free from the ordinary, celebrating the beauty of excess, and crafting truly one-of-a-kind interiors.

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A Riot Of Colour & Pattern

Los Angeles Interiors are a feast for the eyes, often featuring various colours and patterns. Forget the subdued colour palettes of minimalism; maximalism embraces bold and vibrant hues. From rich, jewel-toned walls to eye-catching, patterned wallpapers, these interiors are a celebration of colour. No colour is too vibrant, and no combination is too daring. Maximalism revels in clashing patterns, where floral prints can coexist with geometric designs, and stripes meet intricate damask.

 maximalism - pink living room with two pink cabinets, a white dining table and 4 white chairs with gold accents


Pixel CabinetPietra XL Dining Table & Soleil Chair

Eclectic Furnishings & Decor

Maximalism is all about mixing and matching, so there’s no need to stick to a single style of furniture or decor. Los Angeles interiors thrive on the eclecticAntiques can sit alongside contemporary pieces, and global influences are welcomed with open arms. It’s a celebration of individuality, where pieces with unique stories come together to create a visual symphony.

 maximalism- an entrance with gray walls, a dark yellow cabinet, a black statue, white doors, and a rug.


Piccadilly Cabinet

Layered Textures & Fabrics

Texture plays a crucial role in Los Angeles interiors design. The use of luxurious and tactile fabrics is key to creating a cosy and inviting atmosphereVelvetsilk, and chenille are often used to create sumptuous upholstery, while layers of rugsthrows, and pillows add depth and warmth to the space. From the softness of a plush couch to the roughness of exposed brick walls, maximalism embraces it all.

maximalism- contemporary living room, high windows with brown curtains, a brown carpet, cream and gold sofa and armchairs, glass coffee table, a TV, a gold hanging lamp

Imperfectio Sofa, Imperfectio Armchair & Metamorphosis Center Table

Art & Decor Galore

In Los Angeles interiorsart and decor take center stage. Walls are adorned with a multitude of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to decorative plates and tapestries. The display of art is not limited to the walls; coffee tablessideboards, and shelves are adorned with various curiosities and collectables, creating a sense of wonder in every corner of the room.

maximalism- dark living room, black walls, gold mirror, gold hanging lamp, gold sideboard, decorative items, gray sofa and silver coffee table


Supernova ChandelierNewton Mirror & Symphony Sideboard

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Los Angeles- Boca do Lobo Interior Decoration - Contemporary Design

Statement Lighting

Los Angeles interiors extends their extravagance to lighting fixturesChandelierspendants, and floor lamps become statement pieces in their own right. Elaborate and ornate fixtures, often adorned with crystals and intricate details, are chosen to command attention and create an atmosphere of grandeur.


L’Chandelier Suspension Lamp, Soleil Curved Sofa & Fortuna Poplar Root Center Table

Embracing Clutter With Style

Los Angeles interiors are not concerned with tidiness or minimalism’s call for decluttering. Instead, it embraces an element of controlled chaos. An abundance of decorative elements and objects are allowed to coexist harmoniously, creating a visual feast for the eyes. It’s about embracing the beauty in the details and the stories that each piece tells.

maximalism- luxurious entrance, black and gold sideboard, large gold hanging lamp


Newton Console

maximalism- black and gold sideboard

Maximalism: A Style Of Self-Expression

Maximalism has emerged as a fearless and unapologetic style of self-expression. It defies conventional wisdom and welcomes diversity in its embrace of colourspatternstextures, and decor. Maximalism offers a unique opportunity to make a bold statement and create a living space that truly reflects your individuality.

maximalism- contemporany living room with cream and gold sofa, brown rug, gold center table and plants

It’s a design style that dares to be differentencouraging you to step outside the boundaries of traditional design and embrace a world of colour, texture, and personality. In Los Angeles interiorsthere are no rules, only the freedom to create a space that is a true reflection of your distinctive taste and style.


Ring Filigree Mirror, Eden Center Table Lapiaz Modular Sofa

maximalism- entryway with white walls, white curtains, blue and white sideboard with gold details and cream and gold chairs

Let your creativity run wild with Maximalism!

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Los Angeles - Boca do Lobo Interior Decoration - Contemporary Design