With the onset of the Cozy Winter season, there’s no better time to add warmth and comfort to your California homeBoca do Lobo, a beacon of luxury furnitureinvites you to embark on a journey of seasonal transformation with our selected design ideas. Here are some exquisite ways to bring winter’s cozy embrace into your living spaces.

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Nature-inspired decor

Bring cozy winter from outside into your California home with nature-inspired decor. Consider incorporating elements such as bay windows, ivory furniture combined with gold or silver details evoke a sense of icy elegance that perfectly complements the season.

california home-  luxurious bathroom with panoramic view, black and gold bathtub, mirror and black and gold washbasin

Newton Bathtub

california home- luxurious black and gold bathtub

Transform your living room into a serene retreat with nature-inspired decor, adopting the calming influence of botanical details, wood textures and a palette inspired by the natural world for winter.

california home- contemporary living room, large windows, cream sofa, black carpet, gold hanging lamps and glass coffee table

Metamorphosis Center Table

california home- marble and glass coffee table

Fireside Elegance

Introduce a touch of classic charm with a statement fireplace. Boca do Lobo‘s collection boasts stunning fireplaces that merge functionality with artistry, creating a focal point that radiates warmth both visually and physically from your California home.

california home- living room with shelves, decorative items, cream rug, gold coffee table and white fireplace with gold details

Lapiaz Fireplace

california home- white and gold fireplace

Velvet Allure

Wrap your furniture in the plush embrace of velvet. Opt for rich, deep hues like burgundy, forest green, or royal blue to create a cocoon of comfort that complements the cozy winter palette.

california home- contemporary living room with 2 green velvet armchairs and gold details, gold coffee table, gold mirror and plants

Soleil Green Armchair

california home- green velvet armchair with gold details

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Candlelit ambience

Take advantage of the soft glow of candles to create a serene atmosphere. Decorate your bathrooms with elegant candlesticks and candelabras, casting a warm and inviting light that enhances the cozy winter mood.

california home- luxurious bathroom, candles, gilded mirror, white bathtub with gold details

Diamond Bathtub

california home- white bathtub with gold accents

Comfy reading nooks

Create intimate corners to relax in with cozy reading nooks. Plush armchairs, accompanied by a coffee table.

california home- luxurious bathroom, candles, gilded mirror, white bathtub with gold details

Empire Center Table

california home- brown coffee table with gold detail

Dark Rooms

Infuse a touch of mystery and warmth into your winter with dark rooms adorned in deep hues, plush textures, and ambient lighting, creating a cocoon of elegance and allure.

california home- cozy bedroom, black bed with gold detailing, black bedside table with gold detailing, large mirror, gold lamp sus

Lapiaz Black Headboard

Turn the cozy winter of your California Home into an unforgettable retreat with these decorating ideas!

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