As we reminisce about the events of a year ago, the echoes of Salone del Mobile 2023 linger on. From April 18th to 23rd, 2023, Milan graciously hosted this esteemed event at Fiera Milano Rho, where the world’s finest luxury furniture took center stage. The bustling fairgrounds played host to a myriad of exhibitors, journalists, architects, interior designers, and design aficionados, all eager to partake in the exchange of ideas and creative inspiration.

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Among the standout memories was the vibrant presence of Boca do Lobo, proudly showcasing their latest releases. Their expansive 100m2 exhibition space was a testament to innovation, housing distinct areas that invited exploration, including two captivating living spaces and an elegant dining area. As we reflect on the elegance and creativity that graced the event, Salone del Mobile 2023 remains a cherished highlight in the design world’s collective memory.

An immersive experience into a world of timeless design

The latest unveilings showcased eight new design pieces destined to enthrall aficionados with their distinctiveness, ingenuity, and refined allure.

walls with light tones, light sofa with golden details, cabinet with different colors, golden table, plants in the corner, beige carpet

Craftsmanship and design reach new heights with this distinctive Modular Sofa, elevating contemporary aesthetics to unparalleled levels. Inspired by the intricate formations of authentic karst landscapes, it presents a modern interpretation that mesmerizes with its unique allure.

light sofa with golden details, golden round mirror

Boca do Lobo‘s presence in Salone del Mobile 2023 can be described in one wordbold. Interiors are designed for those who want to live la dolce vita, enjoying the pleasures and beauty of life, starting inside their most personal space: their home.

gold and black cabinet, golden mirror, black table lamp, gold wall lamp

The brand’s latest additions and beloved classics encompass an extensive array of furniture categories, spanning from case goods like sideboards, cabinets, and dining tables to upholstery and seating pieces, lighting fixtures, and even playful additions such as snooker tables and jewelry safes. Among them, the Oblong sideboard stood out as a remarkable new addition, promising to have made a lasting impression.

luxury sales stand, clear sofa, golden mirror, luxury furniture

The designs are perfect for creating comfortable yet sophisticated living roomsartful dining roomsstylish bedrooms, and elegant offices.

table with tile pattern, golden decoration piece in the shape of a grasshopper

Boca do Lobo‘s design ethos exudes contemporary playfulness, characterized by unexpected details and singular charm. The latest collections exemplify this fresh perspective, showcasing statement pieces that epitomize the brand’s commitment to exclusivity, sophistication, and elegance.

living room with light and gold sofa, shiny silver furniture, background plants and two mirrors

Among the new pieces is Soleil Curved Sofaa luxurious and elegant piece that embodies timeless design and the finest craftsmanship. The Fortuna Center Table, with its exclusive gold brass surface and nature-inspired design, is set to represent the essence of empowermentsophisticationand mystics.

table with books from vogue and yves saint laurent. golden candle holder with a white candle

Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Boca do Lobo‘s world of contemporary and timeless design through the special collaboration with Maeve.

living room with light and gold sofa, shiny silver furniture, background plants, two mirrors and gold and black cabinet

The Salone Del Mobile 2023 was a must-attend event for industry professionals and design enthusiasts alike, and this year’s event promised to be no exception. Visitors didn’t miss the chance to experience Boca do Lobo‘s latest novelties firsthand and immerse themselves in a world of sophistication, elegance, and timeless design.

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Written By: Sara Meneses