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The Top Interior Designer Windsor Smith, founder and creator of Windsor Smith Home, Windsor Smith Home Collection and Windsor Smith Room in a Box is widely known as a force in the design industry.

Her elegant interior designs are infused with a modern sensibility and are frequently featured in shelter magazines. In fact, Windsor was honored by Veranda magazine as one of the top 25 design influencers in their 25-year history.

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Through her newest venture “Room in a Box,” clients are able to receive Windsor’s custom interiors through an online process that caters directly to their needs as if they were meeting with Windsor in person!

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Those who know Windsor know that she has always believed that everyone deserves to have beautifully designed rooms. More than ever, our homes are evolving into elevated versions of our offices, where we eat, where we workout and even spa. It is important to us for them to beautifully represent who we are as well as how we aspire to live. The era where having the same living room, offered by big catalogue stores, as several of your friends is coming to a close. Bespoke design is the new paradigm in how rooms are conceived and created!
Take a look at Windsor Smith’s 25 inspiring home designs!



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