Dimore Studio is known for carrying out every project in a personal and recognizable way with objects created by historical design masters, together with reclaimed materials and other “bespoke” objects to create and forge a particular atmosphere. So today we are going to show some of the best designs for you to feel inspired by this Italian Design studio.

Italian Design

“Dimore means dwelling in Italian and it conjures up images of grand, patrician villas that are decadent but have fallen on hard times,”

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DIMORESTUDIO currently consists of an amazing team of twenty-seven people who follow the studio’s projects around the world. The hefty workload is divided between Emiliano and Britt, with Emiliano focusing on the creative and Britt making sure that things run smoothly on the business side. However, both regularly contribute to each other’s “focus roles” just as they have from the very beginning.


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Although DIMORESTUDIO originally began as an interior projects company, their clients were constantly looking for bespoke items. So, the duo started designing unique items which quickly led to, “a huge drawer of designs that we thought would be fantastic if we ever did our own furniture,”

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Other than the continuing “Projetto non Finito”, and a vast assortment of residential projects worldwide (Britt cites a project in New York, one in London, two in Switzerland, one in Vienna, two in Italy and one in Paris off the top of his head) the week before MDW they also opened their second hotel—this one in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement—following the hotel they opened last year in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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