Today, and because we are still in the first months of the year, we will be talking about the best color combinations for 2018. Keep reading to get to know the latest trends for your home interior. Are dusty rose and charcoal grey not the happiest palette for spring? Let’s find out!

Peach + Black

“There are many different shades of the versatile peach color that’s so on trend right now,” says Kayla Hein, creative director at Modern Castle. If you want to give it a more formal look, try pairing it with black, as seen in this New York City living room designed by Jamie Drake.

Cream + Soft Pink

best color combinations

Electric Blue + Aquamarine

“I like to pair bold shades from the same family,” says Caitlin Murray, the designer behind Black Lacquer Design. “Incorporating color blocking through statement elements creates dimension and contrast.” She recommends using artwork that features both hues to tie them together and make the look feel purposeful and polished

Hot Pink + Turquoise

“This combination may be too overtly feminine for some tastes, but it works wonders in brightening a space,” says Abbe Fenimore, the designer behind Studio Ten 25. “They’re happy colors individually, but when brought together, they infuse an upbeat energy that can’t be denied.”

Hot Pink + Mint Green

“I know most prefer to pair soft blush with mint green, but I am a fan of hot pink, as it adds a punch,” says the designer behind Glamour Nest, Jessica McClendon. “I love the softness of the mint green mixed with the intensity of hot pink, as it creates a dramatic contrast while still feeling soft and inviting.”

Orange + Pink

best color combinations
Imperfectio Sofa Boca do Lobo


Charcoal + Burnt Orange

best color combinations
This is a combination most modern interior lovers can appreciate,” says designer Francesco Bilotto. “It’s best to use this in bedrooms or guest rooms, where making the space ‘gender-neutral’ is more the goal.”

Pink + Kelly Green

best color combinations

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