Lisbonbased ESQVTA | interior design & architecture have renovated this heritage hotel to create a space that feels both transformed and unchanged. The main designer, Vitor Almeida idealized and conceived the entire project around the structure and essence already present in space’s surroundings. As already mentioned, the design project focused on working around the beauty already existing in the space, conceiving the project and its residents the true sensation of luxury design. A project that lives up to the grandeur of the capital of Portugal and deserves to be seen and appreciated. Stay with us to discover more!

Take A Look Inside: Heritage Hotel Into An Opulent Lisbon Apartment
Take A Look Inside: Heritage Hotel Into An Opulent Lisbon Apartment

This exuberant heritage hotel, now a residence with 11 rooms, was once a well-known building, Hotêl Particulier, in Lisbon, Portugal. As can be seen from the common areas, the interior designer prepared his entire project to intervene in the maintenance, conservation, and restoration of the entire architectural heritage of the property, obviously having the concern and care to adapt and update the design project for a family. with specific needs and desires. Vitor Almeida says – “from one bathroom, we now have six independent bathrooms.”

Take A Look Inside: Heritage Hotel Into An Opulent Lisbon Apartment

The perfect combination of inspiration and architectural features already present in space, typical of the 18th century, with timeless pieces from the 21st century, served as the basis for all design. The perfect mix between the richness of the initial structure and with it the ornaments present on the walls and ceilings with the modernization typical of the present century created the luxury design coveted by many!

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Almost all the walls and ceilings are decorated with original, intricate wall murals. The presence of gold crosses almost all divisions, giving the design project the perception and sensitivity of an exclusive design that immediately refers to something opulent and luxurious.

In order to successfully transform a heritage hotel into an imposing apartment, conceiving the project the notion of an exclusive design, the interior designer made the perfect blending between maintaining the existing structure and enriching it with a more contemporary luxurious design. The sublime description for this project is made through the words of Vitor Almeida “History is written today in a different language. With other objects, and arguments even if the principle remains present: a house to live and be lived in.”

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