Palm Springs Home of Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s new home in Palm Springs is a reflection of his entire professional identity with a personal touch of the interior designer. If you like to follow Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s professional projects, this is an opportunity to get to know his new home and its detailed decor full of vibrant colors.

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With a list of VIP clients such as singer CHER, Tommy Hilfiger, and the Kardashian family, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is an interior designer known worldwide for his portfolio of extravagant projects.

Palm Springs home was initially built in 1962 for Roger MooreBullard’s favorite James Bond, the home was later purchased by Hugh Hefner.

outdoor sophisticated living area
Palm Springs Home

Bullards, passionate about his story, describes his daydream: “the playboy in the desert” and confessed that he bought this new acquisition on a whim.

sophisticated living room with vibrant colors in palm springs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Palm Springs Home

An open living room, a bright space with high ceilings and large windows flooding the room with the irresistible Southern California sun.

The interior designer decorated his home according to his personal taste, reinventing himself and putting his fearless design to the test, with two fuchsia pink Vladimir Kagan sofas.

Metamorphosis by Boca do Lobo
Diamond by Boca do Lobo
Black Ink Rug by Rug’Society
Odette by Boca do Lobo

“I decided to go for a real Swinging Sixties, James Bond, mid-century vibe.”

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The interior designer transformed the space into a statement home complete with zebra skin rugs and palm trees.

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Dining Tables Boca do Lobo

outdoor living room by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Palm Springs Home

Martyn Lawrence Bullard revealed that he named his glamorous home in Palm Springs Villa Grigio, due to the amount of pinot grigio that is consumed within its walls.

modern outdoor chair
Galea Wood by LUXXU
modern marble center table by boca do lobo
Navarra by Boca do Lobo
modern outdoor armchair
Hampton Wood by LUXXU

The home of the interior designer in Palm Springs is filled with vintage jewelry, its collection of designer furniture from the 60s and 70s, mid-century pieces that tell a story.

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movie theater in palm springs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Palm Springs Home

Bullard opted for vibrant colors in the movie theater, with two curved velvet armchairs in emerald green and in the form of a high-gloss wall in the same tone.

The interior designer also added a modern geometric approach to the cinema’s ceiling, showing his ability to reference the past, updating them seamlessly for a modern audience.

piccadilly green by boca do lobo
Piccadilly by Boca do Lobo
diamond green by boca do lobo
Diamond by Boca do Lobo
side table by boca do lobo
Stonehenge Laponia Green by Boca do Lobo
piel green by boca do lobo
Pixel by Boca do Lobo

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master bedroom in Palm Springs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Palm Springs Home

In the other rooms, Bullard used a strong monochromatic color scheme that ties the space together. There is a predominance of strong black and white geometric prints in all rooms to keep the space exciting.

Louis XVI by Boca do Lobo
Louis XVI by Boca do Lobo
Soho by Boca do lobo
Soho Nightstand by Boca do Lobo
Feel Table Lamp by boca do lobo
Feel Table Lamp by Boca do Lobo

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minimalist kitchen by Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Palm Springs Home

In the new home in Palm Springs, you will surprisingly find a comfortable kitchen with minimalist decor.

Bullard chose to keep the space elegant and modern, with a black countertop that frames the bright white cabinetry with a strong, crisp line, and a mirrored ceiling reflecting the light terrazzo floor, making the room feel open and elevated.

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