Lastudio is an avant-garde design firm composed of talented and outstanding interior designers. From its upbringing has concentrated on looking for a unique and special piece. For the brand, it is essential to generate unique spaces, to convey the personality of those who inhabit them and the atmosphere that marks their work.

Curious to learn more about Lastudio? Then let’s get started, with some of their incredible interior design projects!

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Take a look at this cute, interior project. The design is a mix of traditional and modern styles, with an open living plan through all common areas.

Lastudio: Discover Its Best Design Projects

Bold colors and pieces make this the ultimate design inspiration for your Home!


Lastudio made an impressive job with this interior design. Check out this interior project below where you can see they amazing job.

Inside, it is possible to observe the bold colors that mix with unusual accessories such as these lamps with the dog-shaped base, resulting in a cozy, fun and chic atmosphere at the same time.

For us, the design firm has done an exceptional job when it comes to combining furniture colors and textures in this bedroom. The ideal design inspiration for those looking to brighten up their lives with notes of color that effectively result in an elegant and luxurious environment. What do you think?

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Take a look at this modern interior design project! With a color palette that varies between neutral tones and more sober tones, with the wood and leather often serving as a highlight, it gives this interior design a unique, elegant, and impactful environment.

Excellent table and chandelier that result in perfection in a cozy, contemporary and luxurious environment. Another magnificent design inspiration that Lastudio has given us.


Fulfilled with contemporary and fun pieces, this interior design project by Lastudio is a pleasant and ideal place for a growing family!

If you are a fan of luxury houses surrounded by statement pieces and a modern style, by this time you have already fallen in love with this interior design project! Everything about it is fresh and avant-garde. Don´t you agree?

As you can see, Lastudio is very passionate when it comes to interior design. They are fierce and bold with their projects and each one is surprising! We at Home Decor Ideas are extremly inspired by their work and imposing portfolio. Go check their amazing work!

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