For this Interior Inspiration installment, we are focusing on the details. The following photos are of details that make ever so cozy and definitely unique.
The use of certain elements in the interior can have an absolutely different effect depending on the material that is used.  Home is where you live and feel the everyday comfort, why not add a little special touch to get the creative environment.  Having an object to appreciate on an everyday basis – a beautiful armoire, console,  works, allows you to create certain areas without having to divide them with walls or screens, simply having a visually invisible division of zones.

Digital art is a must in nowadays. Actually, wall art is changing and people seem to want real master pieces in their living rooms, truly inspired in savage, contemporary and subjective fine points.


If hanging a piece on a blank wall, be sure to hang it so that the middle of the artwork is about 57” high or at eye-level. Although it may be tempting to hang art higher on taller walls, this can throw off the rhythm and balance of the room design.

If hanging art above a sofa or other furniture, be sure not to hang it too high, making it feel disconnected from the whole design.


A common design error is to choose art that is too small for the wall. A good rule is that art should take up roughly 4/7 of the space.
Get more information about the digital art work below – VIM.

A wall gallery behind a sofa can create visual interest and often looks better when extending beyond the furniture. Try using a similar color scheme, such as black and white photographs, or incorporating a focal piece. Vary the size and shape of the art for even more contrast and visual interest.

If you don’t have cabinets or shelves, try flanking the fireplace with art. This can create a sense of balance through symmetry and be a wonderful place for art in a space with limited wall space elsewhere.

Another great way to get that unique feel is to use some accent pieces in the interior, like this table lamp REPTILIAN by KOKET.  Lavish and wild, the lamp’s cylindrical body is opulently wrapped in sumptuous black crocodile print leather while two seductively silent, hand-carved crocodiles curve around the base. Topped with a delicious black satin shade, the soft sultry glow that pours from underneath will unleash your primal desire.

Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. Its acrobatic polished brass loops & spins paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

Spellbound Cabinet is a luxury design piece full of nature inspiration. The metal aged brass organic lace, in the shape of beautiful flowers and small charming lizards, makes this storage cabinet an unique piece. An exotic design that is completed with a coating of peacock feathers, which are placed one by one for master artisans that apply all their technique to create luxury and unique pieces.

Divine Armoire is the ultimate luxury design piece. All about this storage piece breathes the glamour of the luxury design brand KOKET.  The structure, especially the base, gives this wardrobe an unique and exclusive decor. But the real luxury and glamorous touch is in its finishing – iridescent peacock feathers coat the whole armoire doors.


We are inspired by these designs and ideas!