You probably had made that point of realizing that you need to make a few changes in your home decor and that you will probably need some help, too. If you have ever tried to bring someone in to assist with an interior design project, you know that finding the perfect match can be a task unto itself:  there are a number of options to choose from, each with their own variety of work and there is design language to sort through.


Some professionals call themselves an interior designer while others apply the term interior decorator. But what’s the difference and which one do you actually need?

Interior design and interior decorating are frequently confused for being the same thing, but the terms are not completely interchangeable. There are many similarities between the two terms. In fact, there are so many that opinions diverge on exactly where to draw the distinction.

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Usually, an interior designer has to go into a formal trainer between a two and four- year program. Designers might even have to pass an exam to become part of the local governing body. Otherside, an interior decorator focus primarily on aesthetics and don’t generally take part in renovations or structural planning. That means formal training is not necessary.

Home decor is deciding on a style, choosing a color scheme, to purchase furniture, and to accessorize while home design includes conducting an in-depth analysis of how the current space is being used, as well as any functional changes that should be made in a redesign. Usually, this will include things like changing the layout to achieve better functionality or usage throughout the space.

home decor

home decor

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