The bathtubs are a key element in your bathroom design! The bathroom interior design dictates its overall mood and energy so it is essential that you select the perfect bathroom décor ideas in order to create a stunning contemporary design! From minimalist designs to contemporary bathrooms with the best furniture brands, there are plenty of options for you to decorate your luxury bathroom. Today Home Decor Ideas has selected the best bathroom design ideas to inspire you, enjoy!

Diamond Bathtub

The Diamond Bathtub conveys Maison Valentina´s mission to interpret in an exquisite way the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive decor products, all the while maintaining the balance between the timeless values of decoration and utmost quality with an ever-growing modern vision.

Defying laws of physics, this futuristic piece of furniture represents an outstanding moment of inspiration. Newton bathtub by Maison Valentina is a piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms.

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Luxury Bathrooms
This bold bathroom has a distinctive bathtub that gives a luxurious touch to it. The Cuna tub, by Patricia Urquiola, is braced with a tubular bronze frame for a sense of elegance.

Top Bathtubs with Luxurious Appeal
The Ciotole Tub looks like two oblique basins, however, this beautiful bathroom is actually made from a single piece of masterfully carved beige marble.

luxury bathroom

This is a contemporary bathroom with very bold accents. This unique design forgoes the traditional claw foot in favor of straight lines and contrasting angles.

Luxury Bathrooms 3
Compact form meets enormous creativity. This bathtub has an extraordinary shape that will be a luxury touch to any modern bathroom.

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Luxury Bathrooms 4
This is a very dramatic bathroom design. The marble platform looks luxurious and serves as a functional way to protect a wood floor from the water.

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