Plants and greenery can bring life and oxygen to your home décor. They also absorb toxic chemicals as well as soak up heavy metals deep into the plant tissues–away from you. Apart form that they can make a beautiful decoration, although plants tend to be a little chaotic. That is why we have a few tricks how to make the best of greenery in your beautiful home.

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There are quite a few ways to implement greenery into your home décor. Either you are aiming for a slight amount of plants or a huge inside garden there it is always achievable with a little bit of knowledge.

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Look at this amazing plants wall at the bathroom!


Add some plants to each room in your apartment. Choose plants that are indoor friendly and easy to maintain. A herb garden can serve double duty as food and air filter. For a cool design statement, hang a wall herb garden or a version of a “living wall” like the main bathtub image at the top of this guide.

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You might want to dedicate the whole corner for your plants but it is very important to alternate the height of the plants so it doesn’t look boring and flat. You might want to hang some of them on the wall.

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Another great idea is creating a plant gallery just like the one below. Look at the choice of plants, the color combination is gorgeous; there are very bright tones and burgundy ones.

greenery hanginghouseplants

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