10 Modern Design Staircases

An interior project  there are very important elements that can influence everything. Each case is different, of course, but the detail is always special and it’s a very important element. For those who need modern suggestions for the construction of a Staircase in your project, the Home Decor Ideas have the perfect selection of 10 Modern Design Staircases.

Suitable for different styles, eras, trends, a maximum exploitation of materials – metal, marble, wood, glass, brass … some with a more defined presence other more disguised and almost nonexistent. The possibilities are really incredibles and you can chose the one which fits perfectly on your space. And remember: a staircase is something that you can’t move on!

Besides being a modern choice or not, the interior project must fall and be perfect, one Staircase is a fixed element and it will always remain in the construction of any project. Let yourself be inspired by our selection! Let’s go!



What do you think about this staircase design? In Home Decor Ideas we love its simplicity!


This is an original staircase design, don’t you think?

Wow. We are completely in love with this design!

This design is really lovely. What is your opinion about it?

This is a very modern design. Completely innovative.



10 Modern Design Staircases


This staircase is very bright!

What do you think about our suggestions? Which one is your favorite? Please share your opinion on comments below and keep visiting our blog. We have everyday new ideas and suggestions for you!