two blue armchairs a nude sofa with blue pillows, symphony sideboard with the filigree mirror on the wall and the navarra center table in emperador marble

The name Marbella evokes thoughts of sunny days spent on the beach or golf course, opulent yachts moored in the marina, opulent beachfront resort hotels, villas tucked into the folds of the hillside, and nights brimming with the glitz and excitement of a Mediterranean jet set destination for millions of people around the world. But in recent years, moving to this opulent resort town has also become increasingly popular. If you’re looking for inspiration to fulfil your Luxury Villa with exclusively designed pieces in Marbella, you can’t miss this Inspiration & Ideas article with an amazing project by Sandra Kurasz from Salanora Interior Design Studio and Raúl Vera from Marbella Studio.

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Step Inside This Luxury Villa In Marbella
Get Inside This Luxury Villa

Professionals of all types of careers are attracted to Marbella by the quality of life, the variety of services, and, even more, the chance to make a living outside in the sun. Marbella’s stylish marinas, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs provide a refined Riviera lifestyle that is complemented by country clubs, first-rate sporting venues, and a variety of specialized services. Together, they offer a privileged environment that an increasing number of individuals are choosing to call home.

Costa del Sol’s love affair with sleek white modern architectural styles began to evolve. After almost ten years of avant-garde cubist domination, occasionally accompanied by minimalist colour tones and interior décor, a softening of lines began to enter the scene. Also, both Salanora & Marbella Studios are specialized in luxury and contemporary interior design. This living room speaks for itself bringing classic Mediterranean and Andalusian elements by incorporating strong pop of colours and bold pieces, with the classy touch of brighter tones. Boca do Lobo are thrilled to see a curated selection of the most amazing pieces from our brand, like the one-of-a-kind Navarra Center Table, but also Filigree Mirror and Symphony Sideboard.

Filigree Mirror

It’s clear that they know how to combine classic Mediterranean elements with modern architectural styling and sleek contemporary interior design works extremely well, even if it requires more creativity and know-how. That, after all, is where architects, landscapers and interior designers have their opportunity to shine. This villa means a pleasant return to richer tonal and textural palettes, and more welcoming natural materials such as stonecontrasting with more industrial elements like brass. It’s really easy to associate these interiors with Marbella vibes, right?

Golden tones remind the sand and blue tones remind the ocean, We Can Almost Feel The Peace Inside This Room. One of the most important aspects of interior design is lighting and Hera Round I Suspension Lamp fits perfectly in the scenario.

Hera Round I Suspension Lamp

Looking at this living room from this perspective, we can see they created the perfect balance between bold and classic furniture pieces. Which piece do you think stands out the most? We know our answer!

Step Inside This Luxury Villa In Marbella

Going to another room, we can see an incredibly sophisticated sitting room with more sober tones, maintaining a pop of colours like green and violet, colours that we can easily associate with Marbella’s lifestyle and landscapes. It’s easy to imagine this setup in a boutique or in a resort lounge as well. Sandra Kurasz and Raúl Vera did an amazing job doing a set of three Newton Suspension Lamps, a detail that is giving this room the exquisite vibes of a Luxury Villa.

Newton Suspension Lamp

Marbella has long been known for its vibrant, international social scene, summer parties, and filled calendar of glitzy events, but it is also becoming more and more focused on culture and entertainment. Fine Arts Societies organize classes in art appreciation and trips to local galleries, theatres, and concert halls. This can perfectly reflect how you decorate your house with artsy vibes, using both great paintings or in form of exclusively designed pieces to create a unique atmosphere. Marbella is obviously related to nature, so what is better than having an Eden Center Table? A statement design piece which incorporates nature-inspired design.

Odette Sofa

Marble has found its way throughout the years and has become a popular element in our interiors, both as an accessory, floor, wall covering or in the shape of glamorous furniture pieces! Invoking notions of high-end living and affluence, marble speaks to refined taste and discernmentIdeal as a statement piecethe contemporary feel of Pietra is effortlessly stylish.

Step Inside This Luxury Villa In Marbella

A place for family dinnershomework and dinner parties, your dining room has the potential to be one of the most frequented rooms in your home if you get the design right. If you are in Marbella, this makes even more sense if you are embracing the place lifestyle, right? This dashing dining room is the coolest room in this housebringing all the colours, textures and materials to the table. Once more, marble is present in a form of an exquisite dining table that can’t leave anyone indifferent, Pietra Oval XL Nero Marquina Dining Table.

Pietra Oval XL Nero Marquina Dining Table
Pixel Cabinet

This vivid interior combines pieces like Pixel CabinetHalo Mirror and Newton Chandelier and looks so good that we wouldn’t change a thing.

Your master bedroom serves as your haven. It is important to think about the interior design of your room because it’s a private and intimate environment that is the answer to all of your sleeping and relaxing needs. By sticking to a neutral colour scheme, such as white, cream and grey, you can up the feeling of luxury. Besides this feeling, this space looks really cosy and warm. Of course, we can’t and, also, don’t want to ignore the bold details all around this place. Golden hues took place in the shape of amazing pieces like Lapiaz Headboard, but also Wave Nightstand and Robin Mirror.

Lapiaz Headboard

A welcome entrance in the bedroom immediately sets the tone for a relaxing momentThis one is lavish and intended to wow. Your master bedroom is more than a bed and this one sure is. Add a stylish seat, yet comfortable enough to sit on while taking off your shoes or reading a book.

How Inspiring Is This Luxury Villa?
Step Inside This Luxury Villa In Marbella