Covet Valencia is a new and modern luxury showroom located in a 200 sqm baroque-style building, right in the heart of the Spanish city, next to the Hotel Inglés. Remarkable and unique, this luxury showroom features a curated and fine selection of modern furniture, lighting, and accessories with an exclusive design: all these fine craftsmanship masterpieces are from notable contemporary furniture brands from the Covet House group. If you want to discover more about ultimate design trends and inspirations, come and visit this marvellous space.

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Focused mostly on a mid-century style, this luxury showroom pays full respect to the overall aesthetics through the use of pastel colours and hues, both on bespoke furnishings and upholstery pieces with a contemporary design. For the creation of Covet Valencia, Covet House handpicked a selection of modern furniture pieces by Boca do Lobo, a luxury brand of the group, to provide a composed aesthetic and overall complete look. Being the perfect balance between both retro and contemporary aesthetic, Covet Valencia has the groovy and special vibe to it.  At this luxury showroom, you can get amazed by a stunning selection of products, get involved by modern interior design, but also find creative pieces with a unique design.

Perceived as a collectable object, Mondrian sideboard by Boca do Lobo is born from geometric lines and unpredictably paired with stylish details. This modern furniture piece is exhibited inside the new luxury showroom.

This amazing bathroom project inside the luxury showroom Covet Valencia is the perfect example of trendy contemporary bathroom design, with all the symmetric pattern both on the walls and the scale shapes of the luxury bathroom furnishings.


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Stepping into the colourful bedroom design, you will see that characteristic harsh lines used in this decor are visible in every piece of the setting. This unique bedroom design from Covet Valencia features some creative details such as the wardrobe with a clear square pattern and geometric black lines and lacquering, and the floral print of the wallpaper.


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Represented through beautiful lines and special elements, the Marie Therese Mirror brings a breath of curves to embody the quality and integrity of an true art piece. A masterpiece by Boca do Lobo inside Covet Valencia, the new luxury showroom!

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Iconic and unparalleled, the Pixel Cabinet by Boca do Lobo presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. If you are a design-lover, you must see this amazing piece: the perfect symbol of challenging design and the finest craftsmanship!

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One of the most inspiring pieces by Boca do Lobo, the Coleccionista Bookcase can be placed or against a wall or it can serve as a separator division and it is also present at the new luxury showroom Covet Valencia.



From Monday to Friday – Mornings from 10 am to 2 pm | Afternoon by appointment

Saturdays by appointment


Calle Rinconada Federico García Sanchiz, nº7


+0034 963 522 300

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