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Karim Rashid leaves no one indifferent. He subverted the rules of design, he taught us that pink can be a dominant color and that plastic is both a noble and democratic material. So, in Home Decor Ideas we are huge fans of his work and Karim Rashid gave us the honor of talking a bit with us and he revealed some curiosities about his life and work. Today we show you all the answers!

Interview with Karim Rashid Karim Rashid Karim Rashid

Who is Karim Rashid?

I am a pluralist, perfectionist and a cultural shaper. I am a kolorist, sensualism, futurist.

How and why did you get into the interior design Industry?

With all projects I am interested in showing the world how a contemporary physical world can be warm, soft, human, and pleasurable. It’s a beautiful occupation to be a designer – to get to design things that people have daily relationships or association with. That’s a very big challenge of design – to create something that, although accessible to all consumers, touches people’s lives and gives them some sense of elevated experience and pleasure and is original.

How would you describe your style?

I call my work sensual minimalism because it is not laboured with embellishment yet has a more human, more sensual connection with us. All objects and spaces have semantic language. They speak to us. I believe that it is important to not necessarily over-embellish- to keep a certain truth to a product or space, but I also believe that objects and spaces need to touch our sensual side, touch our emotions, they need to elevate a certain experience, and they need to be human.

Interview with Karim Rashid project
Karim Rashid, is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about? Any new projects?

I’m working on the design of a flagship hotel in Amsterdam, a resort in Cancun, a newly launched food truck with PepsiCo, inflatable furniture, a hotel in Mexico, a smart high end Mobile phone in Israel, sculptures in Kazakhstan and many other projects. I am now designing several buildings in the world from Latvia to Miami to New York so I am quite excited about designing buildings.

What do you love about being an interior designer? What is more difficult to design?

I love the immediate impact an interior can have on people lives. With interiors I know that masses of people have access to my designs, and they aren’t just looking at it, they are physically immersing themselves inside of the design.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Everything inspires me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Inspiration comes from this ever-vast yet shrinking world in which we live. I find inspiration to be accumulative (a total of my 35 years of designing), there’s always a plethora of ideas and influences that come into play. When drawing it is usually something I have envisioned before but am just bringing it to life on paper. Inspiration is accumulative of all my experiences. Intuition is also the same accumulation.

Interview with Karim Rashid Karim Rashid Karim Rashid

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Which colors, textures and techniques do you prefer in furniture design?

Certain forms, line’s, colors, textures, functions, all touch and communicate to our senses and our daily experiences. I love pink and techno colors- colors that have a vibrancy and energy of our digital world. There are really millions of colors so it is ridiculous in this life to have a single favorite of anything- favorite song, favorite book. The beauty of this farrago in life is the broad diversity and choice of everything. I love color and I am not afraid of it – I use it in a painterly way as a way of driving emotion though our physical object’s our spaces, to expression motivate, to inspire, and question, to challenge, and touch or evanescent public memory.

Interview with Karim Rashid design

What’s your favorite part of a house?

For me the bedroom serves as a private sanctuary and living room. I like to do my work there, answer emails from bed, read coffee and watch TV with my wife after a long day. My interiors reinforce my belief in well-designed spaces for everyday life. Our domestic environments should feel free, spacious, communal, and personal at the same time . A home needs to create a lifestyle that incorporates both modern and traditional materials with minimal impact on the environment and that is my home. But how we interact with our homes is very personal.

What is your philosophy on design and in life? 

Design is about progress, about moving us forward, about challenging and elevating the human spirit. I preach about how design shapes the future and a betterment of society. Industrial Design is a socially interactive and responsible process that is greater than the physical form itself; its result is manifested in aesthetic forms. Design is about evolving our culture and physical landscape. The role of a designer today is to make the world a better place through increasing our everyday behaviors, functionally and emotionally. By replacing the clutter of poorly designed and poorly made objects, with beautiful high performing objects, hopefully sustainable, ergonomic, well-made, sensible yet seductive objects, we reduce the stress in our environments and in everyday life.

What is your favorite project that you created? Why?

I always love what im working on currently. I’m designing several hotels, condominiums, restaurants and other hospitality projects around the world. I just presented a project for a 500 room resort in Cancun as well as a 400 room budget hotel in Amsterdam
I love my design for Artemide Cadmo. With this design I set out to design an object that looks as if defined by the density of the light it contains. A solid surface is forged into a fluid shape to elegantly rise up, and embrace what appears to be a volume of light. The black and white are very simple and can fit in any décor. I would never choose red for my own home but it is very high Italian deign oriented. If it looks good in red it is a classic. Artemide were kind enough to make me a custom Cadmo for my home in baby pink. 🙂
I love bobble because it was conceived as a necessary and responsible product. In fact all products we design should have this agenda as the primary goal. I believe it can help this earth. bobble water bottle will be a global phenomenon. Across the globe it is important to conserve. Shipping costly spring water is a huge detriment to the earth. Drinking straight from the tap, using BPA free plastic and saving hundreds of bottles at a time can only help to save the world.

Interview with Karim Rashid Karim Rashid
Which design brands do you love the most? Why?

I love the designs produced by Tesla, Bang and Oulfsen, Artemide, Fessura, and Vondom. But I would like to work with companies such as Adidas, LG, Bose, Boeing, Bang & Olufsen, Ferrero, H&M, T-Fal, Numark, Conair, Bionaire, Johnson & Johnson, Kartell, Herman Miller, Braun, IKEA, Vitra, Fiat, Hugo Boss, Levi’s, Fornarina, and too many others to list… I think they all make intelligent products but some lack real human connections and my language and philosophy could really help shape their brand-future. And I would like to design a bucket for Rubbermaid for my list ….haha.

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What question you’d like to be asked for the first time?

I would like someone to ask “what has having cancer taught you?”

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