Interior Design Trends are in constant evolution, and as you know, the new year carries new ideas and decor concepts. Home Decor Ideas decided to share the top Interior Design Trends that will be everywhere this year! From colorstylesartfurniture, and materials, discover what will prevail in our lifestyles and decor.


Shades of Brown

Interior designers believe neutrals‘ time to shine has come to an end. Different shades of brown will play well with other colors as a deep neutral for elegant and timeless spaces.

Nature-Inspired Interiors

The pandemic forced everyone to spend more time indoors than outside, so what can possibly be better than having a nature-inspired interior design? Raw and organic materials or large windows that offer amazing views, adds depth, soul, and a calming and restorative ambiance!

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Sculptural and Curved Furniture

Comfy, curvilinear, welcoming forms will be essential, as well as a Renaissance architecture aesthetic is now returning to Interior Design Trends. Applied to architecture, furniture design, and decorative elements, this interior design trend is here to stay.

Elevated Outdoor Furniture

Once again, the pandemic had a major influence on the Interior Design Trends Of 2022. As we spend more time socializing outside, outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and elegant, and patios might become real extensions of the sophisticated indoor décor.

Leather Furniture and Upholstery

Artworks Take the Spotligh

Art has always been important in setting the mood in a room or setting. Following 2022 interior design trends, artworks take the spotlight! Art may be displayed in many forms in a room, as a big and imposing canvas, or with a furniture piece that merges the concept of art and furniture, just like the Heritage Cabinet by Boca do Lobo!

Travel-Inspired Interiors

Traveling is finally becoming a routine again, with that in mind, having a traveling-inspired home will be trendy during the year. The Bohème Safe by Boca do Lobo embodies the spirit of true adventurers who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle, born as a statement piece that travelled around the world.

Mixing Materials and Design Styles

The Top Interior Design Trends Of 2022 You Need To Know!
Sarah Habib’S Design

Mixing materials and styles result in a unique and creative interior design. Case goods with wood, metal, stone and marble furniture can meet in a room, making it more distinctive and unique!

Bold Patterns and Colors

2022 interior design trends say people will leave neutrals in favor of more brilliant hues and boldly patterned materials. Design Intervention mixed bold colors and daring patterns in a gorgeous and sophisticated way, embodying a tropical vibe. The Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo meets this unique design!

Contemporary Surrealism

Surrealism is having a moment, The way surrealism blends printed materials and paints has a funny quality to it. It’s a welcome diversion from ordinary life and a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. These two interiors are a brilliant illustration of the current passion for surreal interiors!

Marbleized Interiors

We’ll see an even stronger combination of maximalism and minimalism in 2022, with a significant focus on materials, texture, and shape. Marble interiors exemplify this interior design trend perfectly. When it comes to home decor, marble can be present in furniture, wallpapers, fabrics, glassware, and so on.

Antique Tapestries

The new year also brings some trends from the pastFrench and Flemish antique tapestries are some of the decor trends for 2022. These patterns are expected to dominate cushions, bed frames, and other furnishings and home accessories.

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