The Retreat, a long-awaited five-star design hotel on the edge of Iceland’s sublime Blue Lagoon is finally ready to welcome you and it is just beautiful. Home Decor Ideas is just in love with this amazing exclusive design and wants to share it with your for your decor inspiration.Discover The World's Most Amazing New Design Hotel Discover The World's Most Amazing New Design Hotel Discover The World's Most Amazing New Design Hotel

To call the Blue Lagoon one of Iceland’s most popular attractions would be a colossal understatement. The geothermal water attracts thousands of people every year, around 700,000 visitors to be more precise. The image of waking up to this amazing view, surrounded by water and the green landscape of the fields is just like a dream. But with the opening of the lagoon’s first five-star hotel, The Retreat, for those who can afford it, things are about to get a little more exclusive.

Discover The World's Most Amazing New Design HotelDiscover The World's Most Amazing New Design Hotel

The Retreat is the first and only five-star hotel to open on the edge of the lagoon. It is not just a merely five-star hotel though. A luxe 62-suite retreat with a subterranean spa that has direct access to the lagoon and unlimited access to the surrounding landscape, it could be described as more of a destination than simply a hotel. The suites feature a contemporary design with an all modern decor very minimal so you won’t be distracted from the view.

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Built on an 800-year-old lava flow on the the Reykjanes Peninsula, the contemporary angular building designed by Basalt Architects seamlessly fuses into the rugged landscape.  Some of the lava was so spectacular that the architects incorporated it into into the room design.

According to the Basalt Architects Group, the idea was to get inspiration from the shapes, colors, and patterns of the landscape without drawing attention away from it. In the restaurant, Moss, sits a custom lava-based wall installation by Icelandic artist Ragna Róbertsdóttir, and in the lobby, ceramics from the collection in the Icelandic Museum of Design and Art are on display.

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Source: Architectural Digest