How to spice your space – Part I space How to spice your space – Part I interior design ideas

Who never got the sudden urge to reassess life, from taking better care of the body to purging the home and the space and tossing away the clutter? Well… all of us!

Getting rid of unwanted items in your house is a great tip to keep your space neat and tidy and you may also be thinking of introducing new elements into your home. Small changes from switching out your coffee table to hanging blackout blinds in the bedroom can have a significant impact. Home Decor Ideas will show you some structural changes so you can apply them in your house.

Give your home a fresh facelift with these updates!

Living room

How to spruce up your space - Part I space How to spice your space – Part I 15Photography by Lisa Petrole

1 Add an architectural element to vaulted ceilings with reclaimed wood beams.

2 Rearrange your shelves with books, boxes and decorative objects, bringing in pieces from different rooms in the house.

3 Corral any TV or stereo remotes in a lidded box to keep them out of sight when not in use.

4 Switch up old coffee table books for new ones.

5 Put the spotlight on artwork or wall vignettes with overhead gallery lighting.

6 Move around furniture in the room to create new pathways and seating arrangements.

7 Trade in that old, dented coffee table for a plush ottoman with hidden storage.

8 Give a brick fireplace a fresh look with a coat of white paint.

9 Glam up a dated lamp by spraying it gold.

10 Add a bit of rock n’ roll to the living room by trimming an occasional chair or settee with nailheads.


How to spruce up your space – Part I space How to spice your space – Part I 23

11 Glue a whimsical wallpaper to the inside back of a bookcase used to house dinnerware.

12 Swap out your kitchen table chairs for benches.

13 Set aside a drawer or stylish storage box for mail and loose paper that finds its way onto countertops.

14 Install an iPad stand near your food prep area to keep it fully charged and hands-free when following recipes.

15 Clear the fridge of any magnets and artwork – instead, create a designated area for them on a smaller magnetic board on the wall.

16 Repaint your cabinets in an unexpected shade, like navy or sage.

17 Grow potted herbs on the windowsill so you always have fresh dill and basil close at hand when cooking.

18 Hang a chalkboard in your kitchen with the daily menu, to-do list or to chalk up recipe measurement conversions.

19 Paint the inside walls of your pantry with a bold and exciting colour like teal or plum.

20 Update your backsplash space with something bespoke, like Moroccan tile or hammered tin ceiling tiles.

Dining room

How to spruce up your space – Part I space How to spice your space – Part I 37

21 Hang a dramatic light fixture over the dining table to define the focal point as soon as you walk in the room.

22 Keep the dining table set even when you don’t have guests over – you should enjoy seeing your fine china and crystal stemware daily!

23 Paint the dining room wainscoting a deep navy, changing it up from traditional white.

24 Instead of splashing out on a large piece of artwork for the dining room, hang a vignette of your favourite vintage plates.

25 Take your dining room from simple to sophisticated by installing a chair rail along the walls.

26 Make things interesting in the dining room by changing out your matching chairs and adding in two vintage beauties at the heads of the table.

27 Ditch the traditional tablecloth and opt for a modern runner instead.

28 Wheel a bar cart to the dining room to keep you from running back and forth to the kitchen when entertaining.

29 Add a heavy hit of colour and shine with a lacquered dining table in a bold hue like navy or plum.

30 Instead of a standard rug under the table, paint the floors white or black then add your own ‘rug’ with a complementary-hued rectangle beneath the dining space.



How to spruce up your space – Part I space How to spice your space – Part I 43
31 Switch up the standard hardware on your dresser and nightstands with vintage brass or coloured glass knobs and pulls.

32 Add some texture to your bed with soft throw pillows in angora, cashmere, alpaca and faux fur.

33 Arrange some fresh lavender in a vase on the bedside tables for a sound sleep.

34 Clean out that closet! Organize in style with pretty storage boxes and matching hangers, adding internal pot lights for a finishing touch.

35 For a traditional, classic look, line the ceilings with white or cream crown molding.

36 Reupholster your headboard in a fabulous new fabric or add some tufting to your old one.

37 Lay a mega-textural throw on the bottom of the bed, experimenting with patterns and colours that will pop against white linens.

38 Display your beautiful perfume bottles on top of the vanity on a vintage silver platter.

39 Invest in blackout blinds for the bedroom, with sheers hanging on the inside. Your Sunday mornings will thank you.

40 Are you a nighttime page-turner? Install wall-mounted reading lights that won’t disturb a sleeping partner.


How to spruce up your space – Part I How to spruce up your space – Part I space How to spice your space – Part I 53

41 Change out the rectangular mirror over your double sink vanity and opt for a extravagant and modern one.

42 Give a small powder room some personality with boldly patterned wallpaper.

43 Treat your bathroom to new faucets, changing up the look from stainless steel to brass or from farmhouse to gooseneck.

44 For ultimate relaxation, install a dimmer switch in your bathtub to help you unwind in the bath at the end of the day.

45 And for the ultimate luxury, purchase a towel heater to keep your terries nice and toasty.

46 If you’re short on space in the bathroom, change out that pedestal sink for a vanity. It takes up more floor space, but will give you much-needed storage for toiletries and bath linens.

47 Place dividers in your cabinet drawers to organize makeup and hair supplies, keeping the countertops clutter-free.

48 Choose a bold, decoratively tiled backsplash for the vanity for a heavy hit of character in an otherwise white space.

49 Paint the ceilings a darker colour than the walls.

50 Tear out those builder-grade countertops and upgrade to a hardwearing marble or granite.