Breathtaking views of the Himalayas and a stunning design of bamboo cane walls mixed with glass: this is what Zowa Architects prepared for this luxury hotel in Uttarakhand, India.

Situated 1600m above sea level in the village of Kaser Devi near the town of Almora, its named after that region: ‘kumaon’ a region of mountains, valleys, forests and spectacular lakes. It can only be accessed via a steep path that runs down from the main road, making it a calm and private place to stay in. At this point, the hotel staff meets you relieving of your bag and baggage, making the rest of your walk to the hotel a refreshing little trip. You also have the option of making the short trek by a pony.


Kumoan Luxury Hotel: Striking Bamboo and Glass Mix by Zowa Architects

The hotel’s main bbuilding wassituated on the highest point of the land, being covered in bamboo canes. The ground level is the entry point which concerns a lounge, library, and toilet/administrative facilities, while the first floor has a dramatic dining room. The roof of the lounge can also be used as a space for outdoor dining and yoga.

Local materials were used broadly all over the hotel design, from floor finish to doors and windows. Even the furniture was designed and made on site. The local craftsmen were used to make copper and stone accessories for the chalets. The overall look is one of rustic simplicity, highlighting the local culture, the interior design included.


Kumoan Luxury Hotel: Striking Bamboo and Glass Mix by Zowa Architects

The terraces and balconies were paved with ‘kota’ a popular Indian granite which has a texture and feel of smooth cement. The building structure is served by harvested rain water, collected by an enormous drainage system that leads to a large storage tank at the bottom of the site. By dispersing the built structure around the site and also by the bamboo cladding they were able to dissolve the visual impact a luxury hotel design can have in a that kind of environment.

” Overall our attempt was to highlight the stunning natural landscape and focus on the mountain views. While paying homage to local materials, tradition and culture.” said Zowa Architects in a statement.


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  Kumoan Luxury Hotel: Striking Bamboo and Glass Mix by Zowa Architects

Source: Dezeen

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