When a luxurious and striking design is idealized, it is almost mandatory to include contemporary pieces. Following the 2021 trends, the use of stones is indispensable. In this view, nothing is more suited to a contemporary home than marble design.
We have selected the most grandiose, unique and exquisite marble design for your contemporary home. Get inspiration and enjoy!

Curious? Discover the wonderful world of marble design with Boca do Lobo collections!

Navarra modern center table from Boca do Lobo, is the perfect standout piece to give your home the exclusive design and refined choice it needs.Are you looking for design inspiration that gives your home the feeling of grandeur and luxury? This coffee table, available in 4 different versions, is the highlight that will complement your contemporary design. From the classic white marble to the green version, this piece will bring a memorable feeling to your home. As you can see through the images shown above, the tabletop differs from image to image, since the first navarra represented is the result of a personalization.

The same design brand, in the same vibe of combining luxurious design and marble design, has in its portfolio the piece that dictates a dramatic and refined transformation to your home. If you are looking to achieve the perfect combination of keeping up with design trends, luxurious design and unforgettable design, Metamorphosis Center Table is a perfect choice.

A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard

Robust, sculpted, luxurious and classic are the adjectives that best describe these two versions of the Pietra dining table. The design brand, Boca do Lobo, conceived a prominent white table ideal for a large entryway, elegant dining rooms or other open spaces. The marble design finishes that your contemporary home needs!

Who doesn’t love Black marble? For a contemporary design the Monochrome console table in specific is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. Through its bold curved shapes and dark tones, this piece screams 2021 trends! The perfect design inspiration you need!

Once the true appreciation for black marble has been demonstrated, this time we are talking about a piece that immediately warns us of a contemporary design. Following design trends, open spaces are nowadays something contemporary and luxurious. So folding screens can be the perfect highlight piece for your home! The definition of highly desirable statement piece that is jewelry for the ultimate luxury design.

In fact, a project that includes marble design will certainly elevate any contemporary home!

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