10 luxury sideboards for your living room

There are pieces that are really essential in a living room and a good sideboard is an essential piece and that can be very important in the decoration of any project. Imposing, luxury our with noble material are some suggestions that HOME DECOR IDEAS prepared for you. Are your ready for luxury?

Some luxury brands suggest you the best selection of luxury cabinets, Versace, Baxter, Boca do Lobo, Edra, Minotti… are some of the big names that can make all the difference in your living room. Let’s see it!


Minotti presents a simple but very beautiful sideboard with straight lines that values the combination of different woods and materials. What do you think about it?

Animal touch is a piece by Baxter. It is an excellent combination between metal and leather.



Boca do Lobo is a brand that combines different techniques and finishings in a very special sideboard and with great charisma. Soho sideboard is a piece that symbolizes the cosmopolitan spirit of a house in New York City –  Avangard  Modernism.

Mid Century style by Delightfull.

Edra plays with an overlap of mirrors that gives a special three dimensionality to the sideboard. It’s a chameleon, which is camouflaged in any room of your home.



7 luxury sideboards for your living room

Versage with opulence and glamor, always faithful to the golden and black. It’s a very sophisticated irreverence.



Irreverence and minimalism by Jaime Hayon,  it is a very simple sideboard that may be the special solution for your living room. An appreciation of minimalist design.