February is that time of the year when we think about giving a fresh new touch to our living room design. It´s time to take a look at 2016 interior design trends and find out which ones can be will suit our house design set. Thus, it´s time to decide where to start our 2016 home redecoration! Can you think of a better room to start? Indeed, the living room is generally the first room to be renovated since it´s a place to gather friends and family and a small fresh decor always call the attention of the guests! Therefore, Home Decor Ideas has made a selection of the hottest 2016 living room design trends that will enhance the beauty of your modern home!

Mix Styles:
In 2016 you can create your own style by mixing the best of interior design styles. While styles like industrial and Scandinavian will continue to be in vogue in several homes, touches of tropical charm and vivacious prints will provide this wonderful alchemy of the exotic and understated. Eclectic and ethnic or classy and modern, it´s up to you to combine several details and create a unique living room style! In 2016 don´t play by the book, creativity is the key trend!

2016 Living Room Design Trends (4)


Sustainable Design:

Interior design is turning towards greener and cleaner trends! Nothing needs to be wasted and everything in your attic or store room can be used to give a special touch to your living room design set. Vintage is definitely in and antique wall signs, décor and accessories in the living room are all the rave!

2016 Living Room Design Trends (2)

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Organic Décor Choices:

In extension to sustainable design, there are plenty of ways in which your living room can be more natural and less ‘plastic’ in 2016. You could add an awesome green, living wall to the living room, bring in a coffee table or side table with live edge or turn to other organic forms to create a cozy and pleasing ambiance. Living room design is all about creativity!

2016 Living Room Design Trends (1)

Organic Living Room Design

Outdoors Design come Indoor: The kitchen connected with the backyard, the lovely dining space that opens up into the patio or the spacious living room connected visually with the sparkling city skyline in the distance; 2016 is another year where outdoors will outside the interiors. The emphasis on turning the view into the real showstopper of the living room while the décor and ambiance plays second fiddle is definitely the look to aim for in coming months. Even if you are not blessed with the best of views, try to bring in more natural light and ventilation to create a natural feeling in your living room design!

2016 Living Room Design Trends (5)

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Blue and Pink Style:
So why will living rooms of 2016 be draped in light hues of pink and elegant shades of blue? Well, Pantone has definitely pointed in this direction by choosing Rose Quartz and Serenity as the Colors of the Year for 2016. Of course, you are not strictly bound by what Pantone picks, but with styles like shabby chic and Scandinavian being the most popular right now, it does make sense to use pastel and lighter hues of colors like pink and blue.


What do you think about these living room design trends? Share your opinion with Home Decor Ideas!

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