There are a few universal truths in the world: the sky is blue, the grass is green, and you can do no wrong in your interior design, with Italian furniture brands!

Matter and transparency, contemporaneity, craftsmanship and experimentation: these are the main values of the most luxurious Italian Furniture Brands.

So whether you’re looking for design inspiration for your luxury home, or just want to be enchanted by the seductive lines of Italian furniture design, discover our picks of Italian Furniture Brands.

Luxury Living Group

Bentley Home

Luxury Living Group develops, produces and distributes high-quality furniture collections for some of the most important international furniture brands. One of them is the Bentley Home. This Italian furniture brand‘s design is inspired by the time-honoured craftsmanship and precious material selection.


The 10 Most Luxurious And Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands

From the first approaches to the international creativeness, passing through the marketing of pieces of high quality, Cappellini gave life during the years to different collections, heterogeneous, but that cohabit with great harmony and facility under the same brand. The products of this luxury Italian furniture brand are never boring neither absurd, but they always possess something of alive and light, often full of healthy humour, other times proposing brave and dynamics formal solutions.

Fratelli Boffi

The 10 Most Luxurious And Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands

The true DNA of Fratelli Boffi Company, as an Italian furniture brand, has become worldwide known for producing luxury furniture with a unique design destined to last forever.


The 10 Most Luxurious And Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands

Maximum quality, aesthetical innovation, ability in processing and made in Italy are the historical prerogatives of Giorgetti, one of the most contemporary Italian Furniture Brands.

Illulian Luxury Rugs

The 10 Most Luxurious And Contemporary Italian Furniture Brands

Illulian is a historic and prestigious brand of world renown in the field of Luxurious Custom handmade Rugs with a contemporary design. This Italian design brand has never stopped evolving in its over 60 years of activity through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects, collaborating with prestigious figures in the world of architecture, design, and fashion and also building modern interior design projects.


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Cabinets GIF Boca do Lobo


Opera Contemporary

Greatly admired for their elegance and quality, all collections by this Italian Furniture Brand are bywords for status and exclusivity both within private residences and in the grand halls of embassies, villas or luxury hotels.

Reflex Angelo

Masters of glass, marble, iron, and wood, Reflex Angelo furniture is made possible by a scintillating combination of ancient knowledge and cutting-edge innovation.


SELVA luxury furniture is distinguished by an elegant structure and perfect handcrafted execution.

Luxury Living Group

Trussardi Casa

The Trussardi Casa collection provides a dynamic and modern interior design, empowered to convey the family spirit that has always been the story of Trussardi.


Turri is a contemporary Italian Furniture Brand for an exclusive lifestyle in every room: modern bedrooms, design living rooms, and luxury dining rooms.

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