Gothic style is back thanks to amazing designers as Alexander Mcqueen, Studio Job, Maarten Baas, Joseph Walsh and many more. From fashion to home design, there are so many ideas to explore this history restore.

Recently we found these amazing Chandeliers by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga. She collects old bicycles from junkyards and dumpsters and uses the parts to creat beautiful chandeliers and lamps.

Gothic Furniture Decoration IdeasGothic Furniture Decoration Ideas

Console Hezagono, in walnut wood with french polished lacquer base and bronze accents made by Jean Louis Deniot. Black and white is always a good choice wherever the style you want to create. It is a complete gothic modern look.

Gothic Furniture Decoration Ideas

Enignum canopy bed by Joseph Walsh. It is also so futuristic, but it works very well in this gothic room style.

Gothic Furniture Decoration Ideas Gothic Furniture Decoration Ideas

Lumenoria II Table by Joseph Walsh, completed this 2014. It is really a piece of art, accrylic would certainly be the trend material for 2015.

Gothic Furniture Decoration Ideas

Steven Volpe interior design project in San Francisco. This modern table, mix perfectly with the gothic style cabinet, the curtains and the frame. The chairs are also inspired in gothic style.

Gothic Furniture Decoration Ideas