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Today, Home Decor Ideas will introduce you Graham Hills. He’s an architect from New York, and Founder, CEO at LifeEdited Inc. and CEO at ExceptionLab Inc. He became famous with his 420 square foot studio (where he actually lives) with 8 functional spaces.

When you walk in a 420 square foot studio, you found what it is, at first glance, a small studio apartment. Within that cube are actually 8 functional spaces. It is possible to transform the living room and office into a bedroom with a tug of a bookshelf. Open one of the closets and you’ll find 10 stackable chairs that go around a telescopic dining table for large dinner parties. A wall that slides out on tracks hides a closet in a guest room with bunk-beds. At the left you find a computer inside the wall with a desk. And of course, a well-equipped kitchen and bathroom await. This is how people lives in New York:

Graham Hills became a famous architect by founding a creative solution for his problem – 420 square foot studio with 8 functional spaces. He had to find a solution because New York is an expensive city to live. Did you like of this studio apartment?