Modern living rooms are a living representation of taste, personality, and are associated with several other personal factors. With a bold color pallet often taking over, colorful living rooms are increasing in popularity! Today, Home Decor Ideas gathered 10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas that will truly inspire you! Take a look at the examples bellow:

1. Cover Your Living Room with Rose Quartz:

Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo - Modern Living Room Ideas

Rose Quartz is an obvious choice for a piece of statement furniture. This shade is just outside-the-box enough to be the focal point of any space while remaining refined enough to lend a sense of elegance to the room decor, as you can see in this modern living room.  Eden table by Boca do Lobo.

2. Gold Purple on your Modern Living Room:

Living Room Decor Ideas 2

Purple is a very bold color but gives a very sophisticated look to a living room design set.  Collete Sofa, Chloe Sconce and Tresor Stool by Koket give a very special look to this modern living room, what do you think?

3. Choose Green Modern Sofas:

Living Room Decor Ideas 3

Black, strong gray and other strong and dark colors will be the protagonists for the most dramatic living rooms in 2016. Maree sofa, Kaamos Mirror and Panji by Brabbu are just perfect pieces for a dramatic living room decoration!

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4. Cover Your Living Room in Serenity

Living Room Decor Ideas 4

Serenity is “weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.” Color’s effect on mood is nothing new, and the calming effects of blue are said to work best when they envelop us, making Serenity a solid choice for your modern living room! Maya sofa by Brabbu  and Heritage by Delightfull look just beautiful in this modern living room!

6. Don´t be Afraid To Go Gold!

Living Room Decor Ideas

Gold is a very bold color that will turn your living room in a unique place with an amazing feel of sophistication!  Eden table and Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo are exclusive pieces of furniture that will enhance the beauty of your modern living room!

7. Turn your Living Room into an Artistic Room!

Living Room Decor Ideas 5

Versailles Sofa and Wave Coffee Table by Boca do Lobo add an artistic and sophisticated feeling to this beautiful living room! Isn´t this an amazing living room design set?

8. Create a Feminine Design Set:

Living Room Decor Ideas 6

Looking for femine and elegant living room ideas? Mistress and Nymph by Koket are two pieces of furniture that truly can help you to achieve that look in your modern living room!

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9. Use Luxury Chandeliers

Living Room Decor Ideas 7
Are you looking for living room statement pieces? What about using a luxury chandelier that everybody will just fall in love with? Delightfull´s Matheny suspension lamp will be just the right statement piece for your contemporary living room!

10. Use Earthy Colors:

Living Room Decor Ideas 8
What about using earthy colors in your modern living room? HERMES 2 Seater Sofa by Brabbu is just the right choice when it comes to this colors!

Which one is your modern living room design set? Please tell us your opinion about these living room ideas on comments below.
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