Bold Collection by Brabbu

Brabbu proudly presents its new luxury furniture collection: BOLD collection. This is a collection designed to tailor your dreams into BOLD colours with mystic and chic vibes where projects can be turned into authentic interior landscapes. BOLD Collection with mid-century chairs is one of many summer trends that Brabbu has for you this year. Home Decor Ideas is going to present you the best of this collection!

For a contemporary interior design, Cayo armchair is the best choice. This elegant and luxurious armchair by BRABBU has is name after the Tunisian Cayo Island, a nature wonder with beautiful landscapes and an impressive green sea.

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Oka Armchair by Brabbu - Bold Luxury Furniture Collection

An armchair designed for a modern contemporary interior design, inspired by the dialogues of the Bakaya pigmy tribe.OKA armchair embodies a myth of people that live joyfully with nature and tells a story while letting you feel its comfort and softness of the warm grey cotton velvet. OKA armchair is perfect for a modern interior design.

Rukai Velvet Armchair by Brabbu - Bold Luxury Furniture Collection

RUKAI Velvet Armchair is an homage to RUKAI’s hand-made techniques. This velvet armchair with its golden polished nails combined with the marsala velvet option, recalls the best RUKAI’s traditional vests’ patterns. A styled mid-century modern furniture piece, this armchair’s structure was designed to bring firmness and comfort to your body. And as mid-century chairs, RUKAI Armchairs naturally blend in a mid-century, modern or contemporary interior design.

BATAK Velvet mid century armchair - Bold Luxury Furniture Collection

Bold Collection brings bright colors as summer trends. BATAK, mid century chairs cover the rich culture of BATAK and embraces their same ancestral beliefs, bringing a feeling of fellowship to any ambience. BATAk velvet armchair perfectly recreates the mid-
century modern furniture style.

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Tellus Armchair by Brabbu - Bold Luxury Furniture Collection
Are you already in love with this collection? Bold collection is perfect for your living room ideas. For example, TELLUS armchair carries a deity aura that will be spread everywhere. Place it in a modern interior design and watch nature, feel it and touch it as it will reach you by each sense. The armchair’s perfect combination of the light colour along with the wood legs truly embodies nature’s elements connection. Allow your interior design ideas to be the stage of this beautiful performance.

Which is your favorite armchair? Please tell us your opinion about Bold Luxury Furniture Collection on comments below.
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