Bedrooms are intimate, personal and private, but that’s no excuse for a poor decoration. In this article you will find 10 luxurious bedroom design ideas to complete the bedroom of your dreams to your home decor ideas.

From colourful places to neutral ones, here we have everything to every single taste, enjoy this bedroom ideas.

The first bedroom design has an eye-catching stylish look. This room is decorated by Philip Gorrivan in a New York apartment.

Colors, colors, colors everywhere. This interior design is fantastic and adorable, capable of making everyone staring at such rich and different details.

To the opposite, this bedroom has more neutral colors, but it’s also simply astonishing. This room also grants a calming effect, which is perfect to rest your energies.

bedroom design ideas

With grey tons and a remarkable nightstand, an exlusive design by Boca do Lobo, on the side, which is inspired in the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum.

A classic blue and white design. Inspirational to say the least, is a room where peace and tranquility reigns.

bedroom design ideas

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Another neutral colored room, with simple tons and unique details, this space has a beautiful environment.

bedroom design ideas

The next sugestion is a room filled with colors and beauty. With intense and outstanding forms and shapes this bedroom is an awesome place to work and rest.

bedroom design ideas

A room designed by Boca do Lobo with the Pixel nightstand next to bed, is ideal for those looking for a metallic ambience in the bedroom. A fantastic piece of luxury furniture to add more glamour to your space.

This bedroom furniture is modern, exquisite and gorgeous.bedroom design ideas

With iconic Hollywood titles in the wall this bedroom emphasizes the city of Los Angeles

bedroom design ideas

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