2014 is coming to an the end but it left amazing home décor ideas we are going to remind of you today. The search for innovation and modern ideas was notorious, the combination of contemporary furniture with classical style, plus the selection of strong colors are interior design ideas that marked this year. The best ideas of 2014 are a compilation of the top articles that along this year we´ve share with you, join us on this design guide.

Best ideas of 2014

Creative ways to add some color to your Kichen

Pairing color and your actual kitchen can be tricky, but we´re here to help you with a few tips to encouraged you to fall in love again with your kitchen. Put some color in the cabinet knobs, drawer pulls or in your oven knob with fun plastic or acrylic ones. Paint your cabinet and drawer interiors a shocking color, or add a collection of picture frames to your white wall are some clever ideas to add color to your kitchen.

Best ideas of 2014 Best ideas of 2014

10 Rectangular Dining Tables that you don´t want to Miss

With Christmas around the corner we have to start thinking about all the preparations for this special day when we are with those we love. And this includes, of course, the dining table!

Best ideas of 2014

Best Black Sideboards in the World

A must have in all homes, a sideboard is an expression of attention to detail. When it comes to choose one… well, that’s the moment when you feel in trouble. There is so much to see and choose, but today we will reveal our darkest side and will share with you some of the most mind blowing black sideboards of the world.

Best ideas of 2014

Luxury Office Home Decor Ideas by Elle Decor

A home office is the place where ideas come to life so you can’t neglect this room decoration.

Best ideas of 2014

Color Trends to your Baby Room

The Design in Vogue presents you the 2014 Baby Room Color Trends. Even if you don’t have kids, certainly you still like see nursery color scheme ideas for the future. Colors like pink and blue, blue and white, green and brown, or grey and white are all 2014 color trends.

Best ideas of 2014

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