The look of your table is important, of course, but making sure it fits your space and gives enough seating is even more critical. There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. Which one is right for you? Remember: your table needs to allow for the number of diners you want to sit comfortably and still leave enough room to walk around it. Therefore, Home Decor Ideas chose 10 superb square dining table ideas for a contemporary dining room that certainly will inspire you. Take a look!

10 Superb Square Dining Table Ideas for a Contemporary Dining Room

The Heritage Dining Table by Boca do Lobo, much like its sibling Heritage Sideboard and Cabinet is a highly sophisticated piece inspired by Portuguese history through the use of traditional hand-painted tiles. Its noble design features bold lines, with alternating polished brass, beveled mirror, and strips and a tempered glass top, which reflect your dining room’s finest elements, yet adding a touch of warmth and finesse.

10 Superb Square Dining Table Ideas for a Contemporary Dining Room

Contemporary design, sleek seating, and the combination of black finish with white accents are all the ingredients you need to create a stylish setting for exceptional dining. The unique Galliano Ceiling Lamp by DelightFULL combines perfectly with this stunning square dining table.

Modern style design has clean lines and curves, without clutter. The furniture has strong lines, straight edges, and lots of right angles, without complicated curves.

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L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

A modern approach to design that’s as old as time. Blending contemporary furnishings with sleek expanses of wood and stone, the designer lends a polished air to a light-filled Colorado mountain home, with a rustic square dining table!

In this modern dining room, the unique and charming lighting steals the attention from this square dining table and comfortable dining chairs! Sumptuous modern classic chandelier in adorable white hanging above classy contemporary dining set with a gorgeous square dining table fresh smooth green leather smashing the look of this elegant modern dining room.

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