Top – 10 high-end designer coffee tables. From Christopher Guy to Nella Vitrina, these top 10 coffee tables are great source of inspiration and a great way to know some of the top furniture brands in the world.

So, let’s meet the top 10 High-End Designer Coffee tables by the AD Russia writer and owner of L’Essenziale, Anna Kovalchenko. Each piece is an example of excellent craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail. These tables are made from expensive and rare materials, such as exotic woods, onyx, marble, glass and precious metals. Most of them are individually made by hand and offered in a choice of custom sizes, materials and finishes.

1. Louis Kazan
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_01

Brazilian brand Louis Kazan creates contemporary style furniture that is simple and elegant. Their beautiful and original collections are made from rich exotic woods and hand-crafted with impeccable attention to detail. The items usually do not have ornate details or intricate embellishments – the focus is on innovative forms and superior quality of materials. Louis Kazan has created furniture for luxury hotels, residences, palaces and luxurious yachts throughout Europe, South America and Middle East. Featured below is Venus coffee table which is available in wood or lacquer, with a crystal or mirror top.

2. Nella Vetrina
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_02

Pelleas coffee table from Italian brand Nella Vetrina has a beveled glass top and a stainless steel base. Mirrored surface create interesting optical effect – this piece is a wonderful example how fashion and furniture design can go hand and in hand.

3. Brabbu
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_03

Brabbu is the furniture brand founded in 2011, it was first introduced to design community at Decorex Exhibition in London. Since then its pieces were seen in some of the most luxurious hotels and residences all over the world.

Amazing Sequoia coffee table will definitely take the centre place in your living room. The shape resembles the stump of Sequoia – the tallest and biggest tree in the world. The top is available in different veneer, while the “bark” is made of the aged brass.

4. Versace Home
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_04

The home line of fashion brand Versace is as opulent and extravagant as its haute couture collections. While the brand itself was born in 1978, founded by one of the most talented designers of the 20th century Gianni Versace, the home line was first introduced in 1992. Since then designers each year explore different themes, but always linked to famous decorative emblems, such as medusa Gorgona or Greek fret.

Dedalo table with its sleek minimalistic forms is another interpretation of the famous Greek symbol.

5. Baker Furniture
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_05

American brand Baker was established by a craftsman Siebe Baker who created exclusive furniture working entirely with his hands. Later, he sent his son Hollis Baker to study at university and travel around the Old World where he honed the eye of a collector. One of the latest collections, which already became iconic was created by Laura Kirar and was also inspired by her travels around the world. Presented below the Muso table as a zen-like symbol of a life in balance. The  top is made of the premium marble and is supported by the elephant trunk legs rising from a lower shelf, which itself stands on ball feet symbolizing the pearl, the jewel that grants all desires.

6. Christopher Guy
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_06

Christopher Guy is a British furniture designer, known for mixing classic and contemporary style when creating his gems. He was born in Britain and raised in France and Spain.  This international background has found reflection in his works, which always look very cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

7. Baxter
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_07

This Italian manufacturer offers a contemporary, yet unconventional edge to their designs. Baxter collaborates with some of the best Italian designers, rediscovering furniture making traditions of the region and preserving craft excellence. Below is the Cairo table by Paola Navone.

8. Visionnaire
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_08

Visionnaire was established in 1959 in Bologna by Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli. Since then it has been manufacturing high-end furniture for living, dining rooms and bedrooms trying to satisfy the most demanding clientele of the the high-end furniture market.

Fritz Coffee table below has minimalistic modern shape with black lacquered top supported on the steel legs.

9. Creazioni
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_09

Creazioni is the new branch of the brand Silik founded in 1997. In comparison to its older sister (where furniture is based on re-inpterpretation of classic baroque designs) Creazioni offers more contemporary approach to luxury furniture.

Edoardo coffee table has round top in polished brown wood and steel base resembling a modern sculpture.

10. Boca Do Lobo
10 High-end Designer Coffee Tables_10

Boca Do Lobo is a young Portuguese furniture brand founded in 2005. Company’s philosophy is to offer an exclusive emotional experience by creating sensational furniture pieces, handmade by experienced and passionate craftsmen.

This original coffee table was inspired by karst formations produced by surface separation of limestone rocks. The French word Lapiaz is used to describe this natural phenomenon as well as this unique furniture piece.

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