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Fresh off a slew of forward-thinking interior design fairs and salons, we were delightfully surprised to see vintage aesthetics making updated comebacks along with new interior design trends taking shape.

To discover our favourite takes on notable interior design trends 2019, read on to find out what Home Decor Ideas has selected for you.


When looking to bring in transitional and eclectic design styles into your home, a maximal spirit will afford you so much more freedom when considering interesting decorative objects that anything but standard and streamlined in appeal. With maximalism, you’ll have much more freedom to follow your instinct which in turn, will make the design process so much easier.

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The key to getting warm maximalism right is to keep a well-judged edit and visual consistency so your efforts don’t appear as heavy-handed or over stimulating. Instead, stick to no more than three contrasting colours, patterns, and finishes for a more timeless take on maximalism that won’t feel dated or tiring anytime soon.


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Along with the return of heady maximal design trends, if your living room design isn’t outfitted with a unique statement-making piece of furniture to start conversations, then update it with an avant-garde console table.

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When it comes to modern lighting trends for your home, we suggest new covetable sconce styles that take the less tabletop space. The best takes on modern wall lamps and sconces feature sleek matte finishes and oversized swing arms. They often also boast an Art Deco-inspired silhouette, making them timeless and handsome to boot.

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Far from old-fashioned, the new updates to wall lamps and sconces we’ve seen will make for a smart extra for a smartly realized living room design, giving a traditional, yet uniquely modern spirit to your living room interior lighting.

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The interior design trends this year are taking a more environmentally-friendly approach. Thus, it’s not surprising to see a lot of warm and natural elements being combined with earthen luxury. As a matter of fact, natural elements are seen as the best interior design trends for 2019.

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Materials that were obtained from nature or those that mimic the look of nature are addressing this need. These interior design trends are making our spaces look more authentic and unique.


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One of the biggest changes taking place in interior design trends 2019 is the use of curves and smooth edges instead of the usual boxy edges and clean lines among furniture designs.

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People are already tired of the use of square and rectangular furniture with straight lines and are now moving towards round shaped furniture and smooth fabrics. These shapes often resemble furnishings from previous decades, so it seems like the interior design trends of the ’80s and the ’70s are making a comeback this year as well.


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A stylish settee will add a distinctively sophisticated air to your living room design, while a group of comfortable chairs set in a grouping will help your living room interior design feel more inviting and intimate.


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You can never go wrong with black, so they say. And as the interior design trends, are being revealed, we have come to the conclusion that black is now taking over the world of interior design. From black furniture, black prints, black walls, finishes, and fixtures, black is pretty much all over the place.


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Statement ceilings and floors are made an entrance throughout interior design trends 2019. They can come in the form of bold colours and geometric patterns, which you can incorporate in the design of your ceilings or floors. But if you don’t feel like adding this eccentric interior design for your ceiling or floor, you can opt for a patterned floor and ceiling. This is also a great way to make a statement without going overboard with your interior design choices.

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