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Are you a fan of Green Accents? In interior design, the color green is considered to bring balance and harmony to modern interiors so it’s no wonder that this is the favorite choice for summer trends. Aside from the psychology and history of it, its connection to the outdoors and especially summer makes it a great color to pair with others and a create a great summer look. This means that from Kelly to kiwi, decorating with green will be a true delight!
Take a look at our suggestions and learn How to Decorate with Green Accents!

Decorate with green details

If you love the color green but you prefer to start with small accents, choosing a green statement piece like Diamond Emerald Sideboard by Boca do Lobo is the best option! You can achieve a focal point in your home interior design by having green statement pieces in almost any room of your house!

Green Dining Room Inspirations - How to Decorate with Green Accents

Drapes is a great way to take the green upwards. In fact, if you are looking forward to decorating your dining room with a dramatic style, there is nothing better than choosing green pieces of furniture.
Boca do Lobo´s Bonsai Dining Table
reflects the extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic and seductive power of dramatic dining rooms.

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How to Decorate with Green Accents

Another way of bringing a green detail into your modern home design set is choosing a piece of furniture in a shade of green that can match with the surroundings.
MAYA Armchair by Brabbu is the perfect example of how to decorate with green shades without being too bold!

How to Decorate with Green Accents

When infusing your interior with the color green, the easiest way to do so is with paint. The safest way to introduce green in your home is painting one accent wall, preferentially with a dark green color. This will create a modern mid-century look that you will not regret!
Add some vintage details like Amy Floor Lamp by DelightFULL and create a very special design set!

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How to Decorate with Green Accents

A fun idea is to choose modern wallpapers with green details and work them all into your wall to create a vintage aesthetics.
To create an even more modern chic design set, choose mid-century furniture pieces like the ones from Essential Home to enhance this aesthetic.


If you have a few green items that don’t quite create the right amount of drama, a green carpet can add that extra blast of color! Boca do Lobo´s Carytical Rug is an amazing option if you are looking for that extra drama for your modern living room.

Which one is your favourite green decorating idea? Please tell us your opinion about How to Decorate with Green Accents on comments below.
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