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Do you want to have a Bright House? Some of the best interiors designers agree that certain colors can create a pared-down look that’s anything but austere. In fact, bright colors don’t have to be boring, they can actually enhance happiness. When it comes to decorating, a bright palette doesn’t always to start and end with beige or white. In fact, some of the experts in the field of interior design believe that bright colors are a sea of possibilities. Today, Home Decor Ideas has selected some of the best ideas to let you know How to have a Bright and Happy House!

How to have a Happy and Bright House

Blush and light blue work great as a backdrop to other neutrals and pops of color, like golden, which complements these neutral colors in a beautiful, unassuming way.
Indeed, blush and light blue are a bold combination that will make you feel relaxed and in love with your modern house.

How to have a Happy and Bright House

Light blue and old school bus yellow may seem over the top, however, the duo work perfectly in this modern living room. The geographic table also gives a sophisticated and bold touch to this design set.

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How to have a Happy and Bright House

White and golden are a superb combination! If you want to have a bright house but keeping it ultra luxurious, white and gold are the perfect solution. In this living room design set, you can see how a white living room decor can be enhanced with golden statement pieces, such as Eden Side Table by Boca do Lobo.

How to have a Happy and Bright House

People think of white as a cold color, because they believe a white design set has to be uniform and simple. However, white can be a very dramatic and modern color, specially in mid-century furniture pieces.

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Most beautiful bright houses
There´s a lot of movement and sophistication in white. In fact, when white is mixed with wood, it starts to feel like a print that gives a rustic touch to interior design sets Your modern living room is going to look like a beautiful farmhouse with modern touches.

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