Classic Red Contemporary Design

Red Accents are one of the boldest trends regarding interior design! This color symbolizes strength and power, as well as passion and desire! Regarding interior decoration red is often used in details and specific pieces of furniture but is not used as the main color. In fact, decorating with red accents can be a very difficult task because of the intensity of this color. Too much of red and the interiors will be too intense, too little and the color will become disconnected, with red is tricky to find the perfect balance. However, today Home Decor Ideas has selected the best ideas to decorated with red accents!

Decorating with Red Details – Pop Art Inspirations:
Pop Art Decorating with Red Accents

Any room in your modern house would look incredible with pop art accents. Pop Art accents can be used on the walls, in your modern furniture or even in textures, your imagination is the limit!

Decorating with Red Accents – Red Floors:
Red Floors
Red floors 2
Adding beautiful red accents to your home floors doesn’t have to involve a major renovation, a gorgeous area rug can do the trick and be soft underfoot at the same time!

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Decorating with Red Details – Red Staircases:
red staircases

red staircases 2
These days staircases are an opportunity to create a design statement, therefore, there´s no better way to make a statement than with a red staircase!

Decorating with Red Accents – Red Lamps:
Diana Floor Lamp by Delightfull
Diana Floor Lamp by DelightFULL.

Red Lighting
Lighting is one of the key elements of the house decoration and one of those that can handle red perfectly. Suspension, floor or table lamps wall can have a touch of red and give a unique room at your home!

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Decorating with Red Details – Red Walls:
Classic Red Contemporary Design
Contemporary design is all about being bold! What about adding a little bit of red to your walls to create very contemporary interiors?

Which are your favorite Ideas to Decorated with Red Accents? Please tell us your opinion about these red interiors on comments below.
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Written by Joel Pinto