A mint living room is a knockout amongst interior enthusiasts and we can understand why that is! It’s refreshing and delicate, grants an excellent choice for white decoration details. Its pastel shades hold certain minimalist appearance but the shade of green unquestionably makes the room look lively and vigorous. If you are in demand of some inspiration, check these remarkable mint living rooms!


The idea of colored walls can feel too permanent and therefore be intimidating to some, so there are other ways to spice up your mint living room with the lovely mint decor and turn it into a pastel perfection.


Adding mint colored furniture guarantees comfort and cheerfulness, two characteristics any living room can strive for!


In a neutral wooden living room, a mint sofa will be the focal point and the element that takes care of the liveliness effect.


In a modern mint living room with many eye-catching elements, it’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the focal point, almost as if we don’t know where to look. A striking mint sofa solves this problem in an instant!


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Bright living rooms decorated in a clean and simplistic way are the perfect place for a minty sofa. If you are wishing for just a hint of boldness, add an armchair in a stronger shade of mint.


When it comes down to making your mint living room look bright and fresh, don’t forget about the importance of the curtains that you choose.


If you don’t like boldly colored walls, choosing the minty shade of green will be a perfect choice. It opens up space, fills it with personality and creates a prestigious look.


A more saturated hue of mint, bordering on blue, for a bolder effect that you can emphasize with matching furniture.


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If you are looking to make your spacious mint living room feel warm and friendly, mint colored walls are a great idea.


For a mint living room decorated with much consistency, choose your decor pieces wisely. Have them match your mint walls to create a similar color palette all throughout the room.


For a cozy hangout place with retro vibes, mint coffee table and chairs are the obvious choices. If you don’t want the retro feeling to get out of hand, simply add a chair of a different color to balance out the fresh mint!


When a living room is big on antique, luxurious decor it can quickly become its defining factor. If there’s a need to make some room for fresher, more current color tones as well, mint curtains are a fantastic choice.


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In a well-lit room, mint can truly show its potential. These curtains may look subtle, but that’s exactly where their superpower lies! They keep your room looking fresh and stylish, all while allowing other decor elements to be in the limelight.


Surrounded by cheerful colors, this mint sofa feels rather cool and discreet.


A pastel mint sofa is a finishing touch any contemporary mint living room can benefit from.


When paired together with white tones, mint wall infuses the room with so much freshness it immediately gets the feel of being airy and breathable.


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Nothing compares to a living space that looks clean and fresh.


Mint can soften the contrast between colorful and neutral: the sofa pictured is plain white, set on the vibrant red rug, decorated with colorful pillows, but as your eyes catch the minty wall, the feeling of overwhelming contrast instantly disappears.


Mint makes the vibrant colors even more outstanding and simultaneously softens the feeling of contrast better than a plain white wall.


Mint walls with warm decor pieces, such as cream armchairs and orange curtains, create a true perfection design.


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mint living room

A mint wall will contribute to a calming atmosphere.


mint living room

In a room that already holds some minty elements, the pastel curtains will contribute to the continuity.


mint living room

The minty ceiling and the corresponding furniture create a design fit for the front page of a prestige decor magazine.


Mint Living Room

When using mint colored walls, there’s always a possibility of your mint living room ending up looking slightly retro. If you dig the look and want to work with it, add some kitchen appliances and utensils to capture the style!



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