The mission of Top Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson and her team is to create thoughtful, beautiful interior designs that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating the buildings that contain them.

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Their experience and expertise apply to all types of projects, since smaller residential projects and renovation work to larger commercial and new-construction projects, and the William Fletcher House is one of Jessica’s best residential projects.

This project is a thorough remodel of a mid-century house in Portland, originally designed in the 1950’s by architect William Fletcher. The current owners bought the house from an artist, which became the platform on which the designers built the concept for the project – being mindful of the existing style of the house as well as preserving the playful eye of its previous occupants.

The current owners are also artists with a strong individual aesthetic, which meant the project was “a delicate process of stirring all the various ingredients without letting any of them lose their particular flavour” The team at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design were tasked with the interiors of the remodel, while Dale Farr, William Fletcher’s former partner, designed a garage and an addition to the front of the house in conjunction with interior designers’ work.


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