Top Christmas decorating ideas

Santa Claus is coming to town! Next month we’ll celebrate Christmas and children and adult people are enchanted in this season. Decorating our space for this special holiday is something that make us really happy. Today, Home Decor Ideas shows you the how you can prepare for your home for this amazing season. Let’s start a journey by this magical world!

The front door 

What better way to greet your holiday guests than with a creative holiday front porch display? Even if you don’t have much time to decorate for the holidays indoors, you can use some quick ideas to add a personal touch to the front porch in a flash!

Door decoration

Creating decoration with flowers in white and green tones will give a special touch to your front door and will make your welcome your guests on the right way.

Beautiful door decorations

Staircases: an important element 

Staircases are just asking to be decorated.

Holiday decorations

Whether you have gorgeous old wooden banisters or sleek contemporary glass fittings our lights and decorations add a touch of elegance that can be enjoyed all year round.

Original holiday decorations


Living room: the focal point 

This is the time of year when we all want our living rooms to look their best. With thoughts of family huddled around the tree, it’s very important to decorate our living room on the best way. There are plenty of ways to give your living room scheme a little more individuality.

Contemporary decorations for the living room

Today we highlight sparkle decorations. Sparkle can come from shiny metallic ornaments, glistening glittered covered decor or twinkling lights. Regardless of where you find sparkle, the holidays are the number one time to bring it out in abundance!

Make your fireplace the main star

It’s almost always the focal point of a room, so selecting the right style, surround and furniture for your fireplace is the key to have the perfect holiday decoration.

Top Christmas decorating ideas

Our advice is to choose a decor that is related to the main decoration of the room, to create an harmonious ambiance, so important in this season. 


What do you think about these decorations? Next week we’ll present you more ideas to prepare your place to receive Santa Claus!
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