Luxury Bathrooms are a place of relaxation and one of the most important rooms of a modern home! In fact, Kate Winslet decided that the right place to have her Oscar was on the bathroom, and the excuse of the actress seems just perfect: this is the place where almost all guests go when they are visiting your home. So, create a bathroom design with glamour is essential. What´s the better way to create an unforgettable bathroom design? Giving it amazing views! Today, Home Decor Ideas selected some Luxury Bathrooms with Amazing Views over the ocean, the mountains, the desert and even the cities to inspire you!

Ocean views

From La Jolla, California you can find a scenic tub design attached to the master bedroom, where you can have a stunning view over the sunset.

Mountain view
The shore is covered in mist early in the morning. How serene does this bathroom design make you feel?

The architect Christopher Simmonds designed a bathroom with breathtaking views over the Ottawa River.


View over greece
The sunken marble tub can make you feel bathed into total luxury. This beautiful ocean home in Greece has incredible vistas over the mountains and the city.

Rustic bathroom
Steamboat Springs bathroom with a long mountain. Aren’t those logs incredible? How spectacular is this place?

Spa Bathrooms
This minimalist bathroom of a Spa has one of the best mountain views that you can have, don´t you think?


There would be nothing more relaxing than taking a bath in this luxury bathroom with breathtaking views.

Garden Bathroom - Luxury Bathrooms
A decidedly Asian look bathroom, with the palm trees in the window.

project-house - Luxury Bathrooms
You can see a beautiful forest from this modern bathroom in the Totem House in Toronto.

Miami Bathroom - Luxury Bathrooms
This incredible bathroom is off the main bedroom and has an outstanding view of Miami.

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Nyc Bathroom - Luxury Bathrooms
Can you have a luxury bathroom with a better view over New York City? This is just perfect!

Which one is your luxury bathroom? Please tell us your opinion about these Luxury Bathrooms with Amazing Views on comments below.
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