Klio wants to do for art and interior design as what Spotify did for music: turn the visual medium into an ever-evolving and on-demand catalog of “streaming” imagery for the home interior. And they want to do it in glorious 4K resolution.

Art for the home is quietly evolving, transitioning from yesterday’s static poster prints into app-operated, animated digital prints that can be collected into playlists like their music equivalents. There are already some brands offering different options for connectivity and customization to serve users’ whims and wishes. The Klio digital art frame distinguishes itself from the pack with an exceptional feature: a very large 4K resolution display.


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Comparing a real piece of painted or printed art to a digitally reproduced screen-equivalent usually reveals visible limitations on close inspection, especially with larger displays beyond 24-inches. But with the advent of 4K displays – with their finer and less apparent pixel array – digital artwork can do a convincing job of hiding those pixels to a more convincing effect.

All those pixels do come at a price, one starting at $999, so consider this display as a first adopter investment. Additionally, the Klio is available in three tiers – Muse, Stylist, and Revival – each option offering additional frame widths, materials, and styles to best fit into your home.

This concept serves as a statement piece for the home, both aesthetically and technologically, a hi-resolution display that allows homeowners to change the mood of a room with a swipe-and-tap.

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