When we think about reading, we also think about the perfect reading corner with the most comfortable armchair.

It’s a well-known fact that reading helps you relax and get rid of the stress you have accumulated. Lots of people like to read in bed before they go to sleep and this helps them fall asleep faster. Other people prefer to read somewhere in a quiet, cozy and tranquil space that was designed just for that. Most libraries have such spaces but it’s not exactly the cozy place you had in mind when we described it.

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Reading corners are very popular. Lots of people choose to have such a space because they enjoy having a comfortable and cozy space where they can sit, read a good book, maybe even listen to some soothing music and forget about all the problems and all the stress. When creating and designing a reading corner there are several aspects to take into consideration, and the seating is one of the important items. The following examples should help you figure out the most comfortable armchair for you and how would want to incorporate it into your own reading corner’s design.

Reading corner

The NU Chesterfield from Boca do Lobo

reading corner

Sika Armchair by Brabbu

reading corner

Dukono Armchair by Brabbu

reading corner

Carver Armchair by Essential Home

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Reading corner

Mia chair by Koket

Reading corner

Drapesse Armchair by Koket

Reading corner

Loren Armchair by Essential Home

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Reading corner

Hudson Armchair by Essential Home

reading corner

Audrey chair by Koket

Romero Armchair by Essential Home


Nessa Armchair by Koket

Nanook Armchair by Brabbu

A reading corner needs to be comfortable. So figure out what’s the best type of seating for this area. You can opt for a small sofa or couch, for a comfy lounge chair, a bean bag or even for a rocking chair. No matter which is the perfect armchair for you, the whole point is for the space to be soothing, calming and relaxing. Have a good read!

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