Easter is right around the corner. This year, April 1st is not just April Fools, it is the Easter Sunday, too. So, with less than two weeks left for this celebration, it is time to get your Easter decoration on.

Thanksgiving may be all about the turkey, but when it comes to Easter brunch we must admit that is not all about the food. It is more about the colorful and festive decorations that can be quite versatile. So, today we would like to give you some inspiration of how to decorate the table for the upcoming Easter brunch. Take a look!

easter decoration

easter decoration

Gold accents bring a beautiful layer of richness and elevated living to an Easter brunch table setting. Gold doesn’t need to be exclusive to the winter holidays – it is festive any time of the year.

Easter brunch is a fun and festive occasion, and while the typical bunny and egg-themed decor are great, you can always up the level of sophistication by incorporating luxurious (and colorful!) fabrics into a decorative dining table.

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A decorated table can be one way to bring the Easter magic into the home. When it comes to color choice, pastel colors are a great choice for Easter as well some more vibrant colors.

And when it comes to symbols, eggs are the main symbol, so make sure you make some creative Easter egg decoration and add them to the dining table. Also, if you don’t want to skip the flower decorations you can get some centerpiece or make one by yourself. Besides eggs, you can add some bunny easter decoration, baskets, carrots, grass etc.

easter decoration


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