Boca do Lobo Bedroom Design

The end of 2015 is approaching on a fast pace and it happens to be that time of the year where people think about changing their home decoration. Today we present you some luxury 2016 trends to create a renovated and beautiful bedroom to receive the new year with luxury and glamour! Let´s see it!

Symphony Nightstand by Boca do Lobo - 2016 trends

Inspired by great musicians like Prokofiev, Mozart and Duke Ellington, the Symphony Nightstand, this stunning piece brings the perfect design melody to the room, with its trills and turns, making the bedroom experience into something truly genius.

Frank Nighstand by Boca do Lobo - 2016 trends

The Frank Nightstand comes directly out of a surreal world, a dream, taking on a variety on a variety of luxurious finishes and providing a modern ambience to your room.

guggenheim nightstand by Boca do Lobo - 2016 trends

The Guggenheim Nightstand by Boca do Lobo, inspired by the internationally renowned art museum, is perfect for a contemplative and high-class environment, filling the bedroom with fascinating personality.

Lapiaz nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz nightstand boasts a unique golden interior, capable of filling any master room with energy and life.

Suite Boca do Lobo - 2016 trends

The best bedroom décor also require the best furniture, as we can see in this luxury master bedroom suite by Boca do Lobo. Isn´t it just beautiful?

Bedroom design for 2016 trends

The gold tones in this bedroom bring out the luxury and sophistication of the room. The combination of some patterns also give a very elegant look to the bedroom.

Modern bedroom design for 2016 trends

A modern bedroom combining different textures and tones gives the feeling of a larger space with modern lines and textures.

Contemporary bedroom as a 2016 trends

The best bedroom ideas are all about glamour and luxury, combined with the best furniture and materials. Are you a fan of patterns in the walls?

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Luxury bedroom for 2016 trends

A good ambient lighting combined with the best furniture idea can result in a stunning bedroom interior design. The gold tones mixed with the black ones give a very elegant design to the bedroom.

Bedroom Design for 2016 trends

You can always make it work with a small bedroom design. Sometimes, a contemporary mirror is the perfect solution for your project, since this is a true statement piece.

Luxury Bedroom Design

A luxury bedroom design is all about details. From the bedroom furniture world to the perfect wall textures, everything is important when you are up to trends.

White Bedroom as 2016 trends

A clean and peaceful ambiance is very important in every bedroom décor. A white design bedroom, combined with the right furniture, may be a great idea for your home.

Grey bedroom as 2016 trends

Someone once said gray is the warmest color and we have to agree on this one. A contemporary gray bedroom is something really beautiful and elegant.

Contemporary Bedroom Design as 2016 trends

This dark luxury décor presents an elegant furniture selection and a sophisticated ambient lighting. The dark patterns in the wall is very classy touch to the bedroom design.

Italian Bedroom Design - 2016 trends

Our final modern bedroom décor brings out all the elegance and luxury that every room should evoke, combining the perfect tones with sophisticated furniture.

What do you think about all these bedroom design ideas? Are you inspired yet? Share your opinion with us!

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